Graveyard Book

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Graveyard Book by Mind Map: Graveyard Book

1. (Chapter2)-- Bod grew up and started learning to talk.However,he would persistently ask the adults about questions which they have problems answeriing.Unlike Silas,whom he gave Bod a sastified answer and taught him alphabets.One day,Bod met a girl called Scarlett in the graveyard and decided to be friends.Whenever they met up,they would play games or talk about each other's family.Bod would tell Scarlett whatever he knew about the tombs in the graveyard while Scarlett would tell him stories she has learnt, and sometimes she would tell him about the world outside.At a spring day,Bod and Scarlett walked up a hill to a little mausoleum which Bod wanted to venture in it.In the mausoleum, they found the Indigo Man who wanted tokill them,and The Sleer who wanted to chased them out of the mausoleum. They decided to exit the place when they realised that Scarlett's parents and the police were looking for her.Just then,Silas took Bod back as they watch Scarlett and the rest leaving the hills.Scarlett came back weeks later and bid farewell to Bod as she came for her last trip to the graveyard.

2. (Chapter 1)--Bod's family was killed by man Jack.However,Bod(Nobody Owens) was not killed and even raised up by his "parents"(Mr and Mrs Owens).Also,Bod had a guardian,Silas.In the graveyard,he had the "Freedom of The Graveyard" and can even see spirits or the dead unlike the living people.

3. By Neil Gaiman

4. 5W's 1H

4.1. Who:Bod (Nobody Owens)

4.2. What:His family was killed so he was being raised in a graveyard by his adoptive parent.After Bod grew up,he was curious about his birth.Thus,he led his live with many discoveries about his birth and family.

4.3. When:It happened when he was a toddler.

4.4. Where:The murder took place in his former house.But he was raised in the graveyard.

4.5. Why:The murderer(Jack) was sent on a mission to kill Bod's family.

4.6. How(how it is resolved):A major fight took place with Jack and his men and Bod with his graveyard 'relatives'.

5. Characters

5.1. Scarlett Amber Perkins

5.1.1. characteristics she is soft-hearted:when she heard that Bod does not have birthdays,she looked sympathetic easily being deceived :she thinks that Mr Frost is a good person aas h is nice towards her mother and her.However,in the later part of the story,Mr Frost is actually Man Jack,who is Bod's family murderer.

5.1.2. what is her relationship with Bod? She is Bod's first living friend and when she came back at 15,she had a messy relationship with Bod when Bod was fighting with Man Jack

5.2. Mr Owens and Mrs Owens

5.2.1. Characteristics Kind:They are willing to adopt Bod and care for him when they found him at the graveyard. Mrs Owens is mother-like:she cares for the baby even if she never had one

5.2.2. what are their relationship with Bod? They are his adoptive parents.

5.3. Lady on the grey

5.4. the sleer

5.4.1. characteristics smart:they make use of fear to control people in the place so that they will be afraid .

5.5. the ghouls

5.6. Bod-Nobody Owens

5.6.1. characteristics Curious:He wanted to know more about his birth and even pester his adoptive parents and his guardian,Silas,until he gets a sastified answer. Adventurous:he wanted to venture in the Frobishers little mausoleum on top of the hill. Brave:He was not scared of the sleer and even knew their weakness,which was that they make use of 'fear' to scare intruders. gets easily swayed:at first,he felt protective of the gravestones but he quickly change his mind and allow Scarlett to join him with the activity he was doing. Foolish:he followed three ghouls whom he did not know upon a thought of Miss Lupescu and her horrible stuff. not obedient:he still went to a corner of the graveyard even if he was advised not to,though he did not push between the railings at the place.However,he went down to look at it. Forgetful:he has forgotten about Mr Pennyworth's teaching about Elements and Humors. Sly:he took advantage of Miss Borrow's willingness to be diverted from her subjects to anything else. thief:he steals a brooch from The Sleer even if he knows that it is wrong. Gullible:he thinks that Abananzer is going to buy the brooch,but instead,that man is going to cheat Bod to stealing more of the priceless objects from Bod. Quiet:he was forgettable and easily forgotten in the first few days of school and that nobody really noticed him.

5.7. Liza Hempstock

5.7.1. characteristics innocent:does not stole anything in her life. helpful:when Bod is trapped in the shop,Liza tries to help Bod with his Fading to get out of the locked room and get the brooch.

5.7.2. relationship with Bod she is his dead friend in the graveyard and helped him fade when he was in trouble.

5.8. Miss Lupescu

5.8.1. characteristics Strict:She demands that Bod"will report to her before sleeping and on waking. helpful:she and the night-gaunt help Bod got out of the ghouls before he cannot get out of his trouble.

5.9. Man Jack

5.9.1. characteristics He is careful: In the book,he paused on the landing...wiping off the knife and his gloved right hand which had been holding it before proceeding to kill Bod. :He also inspected every single room in the house when he was searching for the toddler(Bod),after he could not find Bod in his room to kill him. He puts every thing in order:After killing Bod's family members,he placed them in a neat order.Like,He left Bod's mother in her bed,his father on the floor and his elder sister in her bedroom. Very calm:he did not rush about the incident that happened to Bod's family as he feel that he still has time to kill the mising infant who might have already grew up.

5.9.2. How is he related to Bod? He was sent on a mission to murder his family and even kill him.However,he did not manage to kill Bod as he could not find but years later,he found Bod and fought with him, and was destroyed by the sleer.

5.10. Jacks of all trade

5.11. Indigo Man

5.11.1. He is a image projected by the Sleer to scare off greedy treasure hunters.

5.11.2. not real when a person stops being scared in the place.

5.12. Silas

5.12.1. characteristics responsible:he is willing to be the toddler's guardian and stay with him.If he need to leave,he will have another person to take his place,bringing food and looking after the toddler mysterious:he had a bag that only belong to him and the bad was closed with a large brass padlock. brave and protective:he is willing to be knocked over by a police car to divert attention,so that he can save Bod from the living and lessens his problems in the outside world.

5.12.2. How is he related to Bod? He is Bod's guardian and Bod usually confide his things with him and respects him.

6. Story Review

7. most of them

8. Happy reading!!

9. .(Chapter3)-- Bod is sad when Silas told him that he was leaving to obtain some infomation.Miss Lupescu was introduced to Bod by Silas before he goes to ensure that there is somebody to take care of Bod while he is away.Bod did not have a good impression of Miss lupescu as she wa strict and Bod felt that she kept giving horrible things to him.Bod decided to wander off when he wanted the comfort from his parents who never give.He was awaken by three ghouls and decided to follow them when he was told that they would have a great time.However,he was horrified when the ghouls wanted him to become one of them ,or he would become their meal.In the end,Miss Lupescu and the night-gaunt saved Bod and broght him back to the graveyard.Bod and Miss Lupescu's relationship improved since then and Silas came back.

10. (Chapter4)Bod decided to check on a corner of the graveyard which Mrs Owens told him to stay away.Feeling curious, he asked Silas about the place.After Miss Borrow's lesson,he went to the side of the hill where he met a witch,Liza.When Bod learnt about her sad story,he wanted to find her a headstone to make her happy.Being persistent on his mission of getting Liza a headstone,he decided to go out into the world.He met Abananazer Bolger,a good man at first,in his shop and hopes to sell to him the brooch which he found at The Sleer, at a good price However,upon knowing the place of where Bod got the priceless object, he turned greedy and did not want to let Bod out of his shop.When Bod realized he was trapped,he tried to Fade to escape.Silas requested Bod to tell himthe incident when they were back at the ngraveyard.In the end,Bod returned the brooch and used a paperweight as a headstone for Liza.(

11. (Chapter5)-- In this chapter.Bod found the dead in the graveyard were behaving mysteriously,singing and dancing about the Macabray.Silas told Bod thta the Macabray was actually a dance that only the living and the dead can dance it.He heard all kinds of music from outside and slipped through the locked gates,walking down the hill and into the Old Town.On the street corners,he saw people wearing white flowers and deicided to ask for one from a man who was giving out the white flowers in a basket.That night,Bod danced with the dead and the living to the music and Macabray. In the Macabray,he danced with the Lady in the cobweb dress in hope to ride the horse which she had.The next day,Bod got excited like he knew a huge secret.Howver,when he ask the dead,they seem to have forgotten unlike Silas,who said to remember and told him that that activity is a mystery that everyone are forbidden to speak and even do not remember.Man Jack and his other friends from all around the world have met up and were talkig about the mission of killing Bod's family which Man Jack failed.

12. (Chapter6)-- Bod starts school in hope to learn more about the outside world upon hearing his story of his family's incident.Though in some days which he was being ignored by other students,he gradually was the attraction of the school.He had almost stopped the school bullies.Mo and Nick, from getting money out of the younger students,but instead of keeping a low profile in school, he was gaining attraction.There were times which he Faded and dreamwalk to scare them.Mo wasn't sastified with the treatment that was given to her To get het revenge, she got her uncle and his police friends to arrest Bod on day with her made-up story so that Bod will be punished.Silas came to his rescue and got him away from the others.FRom that incident,Bod learn to be more obedient and concentrate in class while Mo learn her lesson after all

13. (Chapter7)--Bod,Mr and Mrs Owens found Silas leaving the graveyard for couple of days,sometimes weeks. They are frustrated as there was on one to take care of Bod,who is equally upset about the matter.Bod wanted to know more about the killer from Silas. Meanwhile,Scarlett,who just turned fifteen,came back from Scotland as her parents decided to split up.After school,she decided to go home but lost her way instead.Howver,a man called Mr Frost,kindly drove her back home where her mother was waiting for her.They end up chatting for a while.When Scarlett'smother talked about a boy called Nobody,Mr Frost 's face suddenly lit up.Scarlett dreamt of Bod,her imaginary friend when she was young,as she recalled her memories.One day,Bod saw Scarlett,who told her that she was helping Mr Frost do some grave-rubbing.During one of the few sessions,Scarlett and Mr Frost decided to stopped for lunch at midday.Scarlett mention a murder incident to MrFrost,where she want to find out more details for Bod,but didn't told Mr Frost his name.She went to the library and found out information but that night,she ask Mr Frost for more information as he was living in the house where that family was killed.The next day,Mr Frost told Scarlett to tell her friend to see him as he wanted to talk to him personally.Meanwhile,Bod ask The Sleer for advice where The Sleer ask him to be their master,but Bod did not agree.When he met Scarlett,she led him to Mr Frost house.During their talk of the incident,Mr Frost requested Bod to follow him while Scarlett waits.In the room where he brought Bod,Bod saw a large knife,which the both of them knew what was going to happen.However, it was disrupted as Scarlett told Mr Frost that there were people at the door.When Mr Frost looked away for a while, Bod seized the chance to Fade.Unexpectedly,those people at the door were the Jacks of all Trade.They knew what had happen and immediately searched for them.Bod and Scarlett managed to enter the graveyard, but saw one of the men catching up and instantly ran away to a safer place.However,all men in the graveyard except Man Jack,Mr Frost,were trapped by the spirits.Man Jack threatened to kill Scarlett as he lures Bod out.Jack's battle with Bod continues.At last, it ended as Jack is hidden deep below the grave while the others were at another corner.Silas took Scarlett away and erases her memories of Bod and convinces her mother that the nice Mr Frost had unavoidably forced to leave town.Bod also learn that Miss Lupescu had died while fighting with the enemy.(

14. .(Chapter8)--Bod's vision to see the dead decreases.He bade goodbye to some of his friends as Silas packed his things ready for him to leave the see the outside world.