SAMR Model Outline - Modification

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SAMR Model Outline - Modification by Mind Map: SAMR Model Outline - Modification

1. use technology to transform learning experiences to higher level thinking skills to increase student engagement

2. allows teachers to design, develop, and integrate digital resources

3. developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura, Ph.D.

4. model designed to help educators integrate technology into teaching and learning

5. Substitution

5.1. technology is a direct substitute

5.2. no change to function

5.3. creating online flashcards versus the traditional way by using index cards

6. Modification

6.1. The technology shows significant task redesign.

6.2. Watching online videos of lectures and explanations and then use an online mind mapping tool to express their reflections.

7. Augmentation

7.1. Technology is a direct substitute.

7.2. There is an improvement to the function.

7.3. Creating an interactive game using a SmartBoard where the students submit their answers using clickers versus passing out a worksheet and having the students solve math problems on the paper

8. Redefinition

8.1. Technology allows for the creation of new tasks that were not previously available.

8.2. Having the students create their own video tutorial using technology to teach other students versus giving a traditional quiz in the form of an assessment.