Nobody Owens and his Key Relationships

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Nobody Owens and his Key Relationships by Mind Map: Nobody Owens and his Key Relationships

1. Silas

1.1. What is his relationship with Bod?

1.1.1. He is the guardian of Bod.He is the one that brings Bod food ever since Bod was very young.Silas is also a friend of Bod.He can also be considered as a teacher to Bod since he was the one that taught Bod the alphabet.

1.2. How does Bod feel about him?

1.2.1. Bod always feels safe around Silas.He could always count on him,whether it was when Bod had a question or when Bod was troubled.Silas was usually the first person Bod would consult his problems to.It is even stated in page 37, "His guardian could always be counted upon to explain matters clearly and lucidly"

1.2.2. Later, when Silas was hit by the police car in order to save Bod from going to the police station in pages 202-203 of the book,Bod felt sad and thankful to Silas for going through that trouble in order to save Bod from the trouble he has caused.

2. Scarlett Amber Perkins

2.1. What is her Relationship with Bod?

2.1.1. She was Bod's childhood friend.She and Bod use to play together when they were five years old but then she had to move away to Scotland due to her father's work.Then a couple of years later Scarlett moved back and she and Bod had met again.At first Scarlett believed that Bod was just an imaginary friend she had when she was little but then she realized that Bod was real and she had helped him find the truth about his real parent's murder.She was even saved by Bod from Jack,who was holding her hostage.At the end of the book she called Bod a monster and walked away and never remembered anything that had happened because Silas erased her whole memory of Bod and Jack

2.2. How does Bod feel about her?

2.2.1. Bod liked Scarlett,so when Scarlett said that he was a monster,it hurt Bod worse than anything else.When Scarlett left, Bod felt devastated because through everything he has done to help Scarlett,in the end she just left him without saying a word.In page 288 of the book , it said that "She simply walked away","she" is referring to Scarlett.

2.2.2. Scarlett was the first human friend Bod had so when he found out that she would be leaving for Scotland ,he probably felt a bit sad and lonely.And after many years they finally reunite but in the end Scarlett said "You're a monster." It must have caused a deep emotional wound on Bod.

3. Liza Hempstock

3.1. What is her relationship with Bod?

3.1.1. Liza is Bod's witch friend.They met when Bod injured his knee climbing the tree trying to get the apple.Liza has helped Bod a lot of times.She helped him escape Abanazer Bolger and Tom Hustings when Bod was trying to get money to get to tombstone for Liza.She also helped Bod to master the Fade.When The Jacks of All Trades were invading the graveyard,Liza even helped Bod to slow them down in order for him to execute his plan.

3.2. How does Bod feel about her?

3.2.1. Bod and Liza have been friends for a very long time.She has been very helpful to Bod every time Bod was in trouble.It is stated in the book that after six years of friendship Liza started to act different with Bod.It is said that she rarely sees Bod and when she does ,she was rude and argumentative,but even though she was like that to Bod ,she still helped him when The Jacks of All Trades invaded the graveyard.Which shows the deep friendship both have for each other.

3.2.2. Bod only thinks of Liza as a friend,but it is shown that Liza has a crush on Bod.In page 300 of the book, Liza kissed Bod on the cheek before Bod left the graveyard.Liza's crush on Bod explains why at some point she stopped talking to him since his age to close to Liza's age when she died.

4. Mrs. Owens

4.1. What is her relationship with Bod?

4.1.1. She is the adopted mother of Bod.She was the one who found Bod when he was a baby wondering the graveyard.She was also the one who gave the baby the name Nobody Owens.She was the one who took care and raised Bod.Every time Bod would disappeared she would always be worried of him.

4.2. How does Bod feel about her?

4.2.1. Bod loves her.He loves Mrs. Owens as if she was his real mother.When Bod was about to leave the graveyard he saw Mrs. Owens and said "Hullo, Mother" which shows that he thinks of her as her real mother.

5. The Man named Jack

5.1. What is his Relationship with Bod?

5.1.1. He is killer who was sent by an organization to kill Bod's whole family but failed to because a baby (Bod) escaped.Then in the future where Bod is now 13-14 years old, he met with Jack again and then they fought and one of them lost,which was Jack.He was taken by The Sleer to guard for eternity, which was all part of Bod's plan.

5.2. How does Bod feel about him?

5.2.1. When Bod first learns about the person who murdered all of his real family,he wanted revenge on that person.He was mad at the person who made it hard for him to leave the graveyard because he was out there waiting for him.It was because of Jack that it was hard for Bod to leave the graveyard.When Bod asked Silas if the Jack was still out there Silas said "Yes. He's still out there."

5.2.2. When Scarlett was in danger in the hands of Jack in pages 278-279.Bod started to become scared of Jack since Scarlett's life was in Jack's hands and he could have just killed Scarlett if he felt liked it in that situation.

6. Mother Slaughter

6.1. What is her relationship with Bod?

6.1.1. She was one of the spirits who was there the night Mrs. Owens found Baby Bod.At first when they discussed of whether Mrs. Owens could keep the baby or not,Mother Slaughter was against Mrs. Owens keeping the baby.Over time she grew fond of Bod.

6.2. How does Bod feel about her?

6.2.1. Bod thinks of her a nice lady.He sometimes helps her pick flowers to put on her stone.Mother Slaughter sees Bod as a young man and not a boy anymore.In page 298 of the book she said to Bod "it's a young man you are now" Which shows how much Bod has grew over the past 15 years.

6.2.2. When Bod and Mother Slaughter were done talking ,she took out a piece of cloth from her shirt and scrubbed the blood from Bod's forehead.Which shows a bit of motherly instinct towards Bod.It is stated in the book that "Feeling discomfited in a way he could not remember having felt before" which shows that he was confused on what just happened.