5 Levels of Leadership

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5 Levels of Leadership by Mind Map: 5 Levels of Leadership

1. 1. Positional

1.1. Authority to lead via title only

1.2. usu. by appointment

1.3. people give their LEAST

1.4. follow you because they MUST

2. 2. Relational

2.1. Permission to lead

2.2. based on relaionships, a positive connection between staff & leader

2.2.1. listen well

2.2.2. observe what is happening

2.2.3. learn all the time

2.3. people follow because they wish to; they LIKE you

2.3.1. attitude of serving staff so THEY can perform

2.3.2. leaders must influence & convince and you cannot influence people whom you antagonize

3. 3. Credibility

3.1. you get results, help the "bottom-line" of the company through productivity

3.1.1. you produce yourselve, are a positive example of how to accomplish results for others to follow

3.1.2. NOT like travel agents, who send people where they have never been theemselves, but like a tour guide who shows the way

3.1.3. who you are as a leader is who you attract to your team (law of attraction of likes)

3.1.4. your team wants to emulate the success they see in you

3.2. build momentum for growth and leadership

3.3. managers solve problems but leaders create momentum and THIS deals with problems

4. 4. Developmental

4.1. you develop new leaders

4.1.1. the biggest asset in any organisation is its people

4.1.2. companies grow when their people grow

4.1.3. people who have an increased capacity to perform naturally increase the capacity of the company to perform

4.2. i. recruitment

4.2.1. you are a better leader when you have better people to lead

4.2.2. know the sort of people your team and organisation need

4.3. ii. positioning

4.3.1. people need the best place within the organisation to perform best and use their strengths

4.3.2. know / discover what people are good at and position them to reach their potential

4.3.3. No matter how talented your people are, if they are out of position they will not achieve your or their own goals

4.4. iii. equipment

4.4.1. development and training of people

4.4.2. you only train and equip people properly when they can "multiply themselves" i. do it yourself; to teach is to learn first ii. do it with the person; show how it is done by taking a mentor, coach, instructor or co-participant role in training iii. person does it with you; see how they manage "alone", helping, tweaking, fine/tuning if required iv. person does it alone v. person does it with a new trainee alongside;

5. 5. Pinnacle

5.1. unconditional respect from your team

5.2. people follow you because of what you all have accomplished together

5.3. leadership is a continuous learning and growing process