Camping Adventure (Setting: Forest) Group 2

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Camping Adventure (Setting: Forest) Group 2 by Mind Map: Camping Adventure (Setting: Forest) Group 2

1. John and Jason was very scared but their father ask them not to worry because they brought a bat along with them

2. Where:

2.1. forest

3. Event 2:

3.1. They all felt tired, put out the fire and went to bed

4. Climax

4.1. Heard a growling sound

4.2. Leaves crunching and twigs snapping

4.3. Saw a shadow

5. Who

5.1. John

5.2. father

5.3. Jason

5.4. Grizzly Bear

6. Trigger:

6.1. They were star gazing and their father went to on the radio when they heard the news that there was a grizzly bear escape from the zoo. They also told that anyone who is in the forest leave immediately. The problem was the forest was near the zoo....

7. Event 3:

7.1. Jason had to use the bathroom and ask John to follow him

8. Introduction

8.1. When:During the june holidays.

8.2. What happen:John,Jason and their father went camping in the forest.

9. Resolution

9.1. Their father quickly called the animal recue. Meanwhile they also fight back with the grizzly bear