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Industrialization of Palms in Dubai by Mind Map: Industrialization of Palms in
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Industrialization of Palms in Dubai

Construction Phase

Land Reclamation

Ground Consolidation



Superstructure Development

potential architectural diversity

Operational Phase

Traffic Emmisions

Waste & Wastewater Emissions

Urban Life


Social & Cultural

shortage of community green areas and socio-cultural spaces

encouraging pedestrian priority

adding community interaction spaces


creating several new parks such as Zabeel Park

extensive play facilities for children

potential extensive plantation strategies

Expansion of Ports

cost 1.4 billion $ US

goal is to deliver highest level of customer service

Dubai Marina

largest man made marina

extending along 1.7 km of natural coastline

be home to over 25,000 people.


Marine Life


Population Growth

Will support new population of 281,000 people

191,000 will be residents

increased celebration of the public realm

Durrat Al Bahrain

20 km2 seaside 'resort-city'

13-islands development, 2,000 villas, 3,000 apartments, hotels, restaurants, villas, shopping