Ferrorus & Non Ferrous

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Ferrorus & Non Ferrous by Mind Map: Ferrorus & Non Ferrous

1. Materials and Finishes

1.1. Composite

1.1.1. Carbon fibre

1.1.2. (Two materials where one of the materials acts as a glue) Epoxy Resin

1.2. Smart Materials

1.2.1. Nitinol Wire Restores to its original form when heated

1.2.2. Polymorph

1.2.3. Nickel Titanium Wire

1.3. Metals

1.3.1. Ferrous (Rusting) Iron Steel Mild Steel Stainless Steel Carbon Steel

1.3.2. Non-Ferrous (Non-Rusting) Aluminium

1.3.3. Properties Ductile Make it into a wire Malleable Bendable

1.3.4. Finishes Galvalnized (Protective coating) For Ferrous metal Anodized Finish for non-ferrous Paint Enamel paint

1.4. Metal Alloys

1.4.1. For stronger metals

2. Definition

2.1. Malleability

2.1.1. Ability be bent out of shape easily.

2.2. Ductility

2.2.1. Ability to be drawn into a wire easily.

2.3. Tensile Strength

2.3.1. Ability to withstand tension (opposing pulling forces).

2.4. Toughness

2.4.1. Ability to withstand cracking.

2.5. Hardness

2.5.1. Ability to withstand scratching/wearing down.

2.5.2. Propagation of scratches Diamond is the hardest

2.6. Stiffness

2.6.1. Ability to withstand bending.

2.7. Fusibility

2.7.1. Ability to be melted/fused by heat.

2.8. Density

2.8.1. Weight/Volume

3. Ferrous (Non-Rusting