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Copy of Intro to Lit by Mind Map: Copy of Intro to Lit
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Copy of Intro to Lit

tone p 207


Flashback p64

Where events prior to the beginning of a story are presented as an inserted narrative...sometimes with the character remembering early noise

Structural Technique p 66




Plot Structure

Effectiveness of plot 64

Conflict p 65

Imp. of Character/Character Types p 69 -71

Gaps in Story p 67

Point of View p 100

the angle or perspective from which a story is told

narraatorp 103

Interior Monologue p 106

perspective 102

Climax p. 67

Setting p 140

where the author hints at something to follow

irony p 209

verbal 210

situational 210

dramatic 211

Theme p 107

the central idea embodied or explored in a literary work; what it all adds up to

Style p 199

Diction 200

Rhythm 204

Symbol p 143