Module 1: Understanding the company’s Strategic Position

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Module 1: Understanding the company’s Strategic Position by Mind Map: Module 1:   Understanding the company’s Strategic Position

1. Section 1.9 Conclusion & Recommendations

1.1. Conclusions and Recommendations from all the above sections of Module One.

2. Section 1.8 Global Readiness

2.1. Help a company determine its global readiness: (1) If a domestic company (one with no international involvement) is ready to expand abroad and will also recommend an Entry Mode strategy. (2) Compare and evaluate an international company's present entry strategy. If there is a difference between the two, the company may want to re-evaluate its strategy.

3. Section 1.7 S.W.O.T Matrix

3.1. Identify the different strategic choices available to the company from the SWOT matrix. A SWOT Matrix is a structured evaluation of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of your selected company. The SWOT matrix will automatically be populated as this section is completed.

4. Section 1.6 Analysis of External Environment

4.1. The external environment is complex and dynamic as it constantly changes and increasingly becomes global. A company’s external environment has two major parts: its macro environment and the industry context in which it operates.

5. Section 1.1 Company Strategic Analysis

5.1. This section will introduce users to a better understanding of the background of the company, its financial strength, the nature of its business and Industry. It will also allow for a clearer picture of strategic choices based on the corporate and operational nature of its business strategy.

6. Section 1.2 Product Analysis

6.1. An insight into what product(s) or service(s) that the selected company markets and seeking information on whether the selected product is ready for internationalization.

7. Section 1.3 Target Market Profile

7.1. Understand the segment of customers the company serves currently in all the markets it is present.

8. Section 1.4 International Involvement

8.1. Determine the nature of the company’s existing international involvement (if any) in relation to its competitors.

9. Section 1.5 Analysis of Internal Environment

9.1. To understand a company’s competitive position, a user needs to conduct an analysis of the internal environment. This involves identifying the business' strengths and weaknesses, analysing its resources and assets, as well as analysing its competencies.