Nobody Owens and his Key Relationships

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Nobody Owens and his Key Relationships by Mind Map: Nobody Owens and his Key Relationships

1. Scarlett

1.1. What is her relationship with Bod?

1.1.1. She became Bod's first friend when they were young and her parents had convinced her that he was imaginary and made up.

1.1.2. Scarlett doesn't thinks that Bob is scary although Bod was practicing his reading and writing in the graveyard when she pops up in front of him, Scarlett even help him copy down the words from the graves. Which also shows that Scarlett trust Bob even though Scarlett was afraid to follow her uncle, Mr Frost and her mother told her not to follow strangers.

1.1.3. Bod offers to take her inside the hill to see where the oldest resident of the graveyard lives, the barrow. When they climb back up the stairs, and finally exit the hill. Before they even get a chance to talk about their adventure, they’re faced with a huge uproar. Scarlett’s parents called the police when they couldn't find her, and now there are police in the graveyard looking for her. Bob watches what happens and felt terrible that Scarlett is in so much trouble as she told her parents what happened that had made the scene more hectic. In the end three weeks later, she came to tell Bod good-bye as their moving to Scotland. Even though their memories together were short, they were still close.

1.1.4. “You’re brave. You are the bravest person I know and you are my friend. I don’t care if you are imaginary” pg251 shows that their friendship was really close.

1.2. How does Bod feel about her?

1.2.1. Bod liked her as he confessed in pg289 of the book, '' I liked her''. But Silas took away her memories of Bod and the graveyard so that it will not creates more troubles. Bod climbs up on top of the Sleer’s tomb and looks out at the world beyond the graveyard, remembering how good it felt when he and Scarlett hugged also states that Bob had feelings more than just ordinary friends had.

2. Silas

2.1. What is his relationship with Bod?

2.1.1. Silas is Bod’s guardian. He takes care of all of Bod’s basic needs, like food and shelter.

2.2. How does Bod feel about him?

2.2.1. He’s also Bod’s idol, the guy Bod looks up to, and will always look up to him more than all others.

2.2.2. Bod argues that Silas gets to go outside the graveyard every single night as Silas is safe everywhere but on the other hand, Bob is only safe in the graveyard.

3. The Man Jack

3.1. What is his relationship with Bod?

3.1.1. He was sent by his mysterious organisation to kill Bod's whole family, although Bod escaped.

3.1.2. Years pass by, and it is revealed that Jack has still been searching for the toddler that he had failed to kill. He must complete his assignment or his secret society, the Jacks of All Trades, will be destroyed by the surviving boy.

3.1.3. Jack became friends with Scarlett and her mother as Scarlett was lost in the graveyard as she dosent knows how to go back home on the bus. Which Scarlett is Bob's friend.

3.1.4. they didn't kill Bod’s family to get magical powers, which was obtain from killing, it was to protect them from Bod. Is, an ancient prophecy said that Bod would put an end to the Jacks of All Trades that even if they sent the most dangerous of all the Jacks (Jack Frost) to kill Bod he would failed.

3.1.5. Later, when Scarlett is in danger, page 262-263 of the book, Bod begins to feel a fear of Jack, because although Jack cannot hurt him, he can hurt his friends.

3.2. How does Bod feel about him?

3.2.1. When Bod first learns about him, he wants vengeance. In page 181 of the book, Bod says, "If I go outside in the world, the question isn't 'who will keep me safe from him... It's 'who will keep him safe from me?" Thus, Bob was angry with Jack and does not have any positive attitudes in Jack.

4. Mother Slaughter

4.1. What is her relationship with Bod?

4.1.1. Mother Slaughter cares about Bob, as in chap 8, mother Slaughter doesn't wants to show sadness in her and keeps on changing the subject to what he was asking. so that Bob could not be sad.

4.2. How does Bod feel about her?