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Leveling up - Badges by Mind Map: Leveling up - Badges
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Leveling up - Badges

The goal is to provide multiple ways for students to increase engagement in each of the CoI spheres while also providing visible evidence of progress for them. A student will pass the course by simply doing the work requested, but must earn at least one badge to get an A. All course activities will contribute XP toward badges, leveling up will take place as they complete assignments, but certain extra activities will earn more, encouraging presence in some or all of the spheres. Optional badge only activities will help me assess the difference in motivation between doing work to learn, doing work to learn while earning badges, and doing work to earn badges.

Teaching Presence

Guru Badge: Levels

This badge is designed to encourage teaching presence within the class, awarding XPs for excellent class work such as high scores on "Teach the class..." essays in the Forum, as well as providing a choice of other activities.Students can earn XPs with a choice between study guide entries, glossary contributions, image wiki presentations, guiding and corrective comments to other students in peer review activities. The goal is to encourage behavior/presence that contributes to teaching presence and improves student learning for the class.

Social Presence

Leader Badge: Levels

This badge will encourage social presence by awarding XPs for regular collaborative work such as excellent discussion replies, but will also introduce choice, awarding XPs for contributing to collaborative study guide, or student created glossary, or organizing a team to create an image wiki with multiple layers, or contributing to a social bookmark site for research project. The goal is to reward the behavior/presence we know leads to more learning.

Cognitive Presence

Art Historian Badge: Levels

This badge is designed to reward those students who learn the necessary content and apply it to the completion of complex tasks and assignments. High scores on research project components, perfect scores on the "perpetual quizzes", and informative "Teach the Class ..." essays will earn XPs. Choice is introduced with the opportunity to earn XPs for study guide contributions, rich image annotations in image wiki, and/or student created glossaries. The goal is to encourage behaviors/presence that lead to increased learning.