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India Survey for uLink by Mind Map: India Survey for uLink

1. Assumptions

1.1. Who are "they"?

1.1.1. Profile of Consumer

1.1.2. Profile of Producer

2. Misc.

2.1. Why do some people adopt solar and some do not?

2.1.1. Funds?

2.1.2. Do consumers use less power than producers?

2.1.3. Government's responsibility to supply power?

3. Baseline Info Needed

3.1. Household Electricity Consumption

3.2. Mobile Phone Use

3.2.1. How often do they top up credit?

3.3. Year Round Employment/Income

3.3.1. Ample liquidity

3.4. Household size

3.5. Sources of Power

3.6. Appliance use (DUSP survey)

3.7. Electricity Availability from the Grid?

4. Questions to be Answered

4.1. Are people willing to share electricity?

4.1.1. Can They? Can Producers get a bigger solar home system? Can producers service a larger loan on their own? Neighbours in close enough proximity? Will payments from consumers be enough to service debt? Will all parties use mobile money? Will producers NOT use mobile money for other expenses?

4.1.2. Proximity to neighbours

4.1.3. Electricity Consistency

4.1.4. Relationships with Neighbours

4.1.5. Woud They? Do producers trust their neighbors to pay? Are all parties comfortable making financial contracts? Are they comfortable making long term contracts? Do all parties 'like' their neighbours?

4.2. 2. Would they pay to do so?

4.2.1. Do consumers pay for electricity from the grid?

4.2.2. Are consumers comfortable paying regular loan payments for solar?

4.2.3. Would they be willing to pay their neighbours instead?

4.2.4. Would consumers imagine themselves becoming producers? Does this work without some sort of committment between consumers and producers until loans for larger systems are paid off?