How Staff Are Recruited for a chosen Media Industry

M Baron
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How Staff Are Recruited for a chosen Media Industry by Mind Map: How Staff Are Recruited for a chosen Media Industry

1. Supporting Information - WHAT ELSE TO INCLUDE

1.1. National Insurance No. - 2 FORMS of ID i.e. Birth Certificate, Passport, Driving Licence, Young Persons Citizen Card, Bank Card, Utility Bill

1.2. Proof of qualifications - photocopy certificates - make sure it matches what is on your CV & Application Form - include Schools, Colleges etc.

1.3. C.V - you could use Europass CV builder - - this will also allow you to add in your PHOTO

1.4. PORTFOLIO of WORK - this could be a paper version with printed colour work, sketches etc. OR/AND a digital/online version too i.e. BLOG, Deviant Art etc.

2. Applying for the Job - METHODS

2.1. internet / on-line

2.2. @ the JOB CENTRE

2.3. Application Form to be sent off in the POST

2.4. Some Application Forms can be typed but some ask for a handwritten version

2.5. COVERING LETTER - this letter should introduce yourself - where you saw the advert - and most importantly... why you are applying for the job!!

3. Add this MindMap to your PPPts for U:1 - Assignment 2 - this is part of LO2 = Task 1 = P3 and Task 3 = M2 - by completing this Task with appropriate images to support your examples will allow you to gain a MERIT for LO2 - Images and specific examples, e.g. a producer, a camera operator etc must be included to achieve this grade.

4. TASK 3: (M2 Partial) · For this task it is important that you include further detail and examples to the work you have created for task 1 & 2. For example, discuss alternative methods of gaining employment, give examples of job averments, discuss specific skills required, e.g. Dreamweaver, Flash, C++, 3D Max etc.