Islamic Contributions to Astronomy

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Islamic Contributions to Astronomy by Mind Map: Islamic Contributions to Astronomy

1. Why Muslims think astronomy is interesting.

1.1. Muslims use a lunar calendar

1.2. Muslims use the sun to figure out when to pray

1.3. Muslims used astronomy to amplify their belief that Allah has planned everything

2. Geography played a role in Muslim Astronomy

2.1. Muslims are required to know geography because they must pray in the position of the Kaaba and Mecca

3. The advancement of Technology

3.1. Muslims built many observatories

3.2. Muslims might have even helped in the perfecting of the telescope

4. Muslims also revived ancient astronomy concepts

4.1. Abu Ja'far was the first Caliph to pay translators

4.1.1. Payed translators to translate the works of Euclid, Archimedes, and Ptolemy as well as other Greek scientists