Greg's NSU Paper

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Greg's NSU Paper by Mind Map: Greg's NSU Paper

1. How I have remedied (or plan to remedy) any low test scores and / or low GPA

1.1. studying at NSU, which has a small class size

1.1.1. get one-on-one time with professors Can easily schedule time to meet after class to review / ask additional questions office hours will not be filled to the max, which will be less intimidating and allow for more professor-student interaction, as well as material review

1.1.2. teachers will notice if I am attending class or not because I am not just 1 or 300 students in a class, teachers will notice me, my attendance record, and my progress with the material. Professors in a smaller-class size setting are more likely to keep me on my toes, as they will notice my strengths and weaknesses

1.1.3. I will not be lost in the crowd

1.1.4. Easier to form relationships with professors

1.2. Study-time

1.2.1. I have budgeted time in my schedule to work solely on assignments, without distractions

1.3. Start fresh

1.3.1. I have gained a better perspective of what is required to be a successful college student and am now prepared to dedicate myself to my education

2. How I chose my major (bio) and my interests

2.1. I'm very inquisitive; I like to know how things work.

2.1.1. I like researching and experimenting to discover how things work - not just being told NSU is a research college that has a number of opportunities to work with professors one-on-one in research

2.2. Biology is a great undergrad degree to prepare me for Dental school

2.2.1. As a dentist I hope to change people's lives, raise their self-confidence

2.3. In addition to biology...

2.3.1. Fashion, which is a new interest

2.3.2. Cars, which has developed with my work as a ___ with National

2.3.3. Music

3. Why I want to attend NSU

3.1. great location

3.1.1. retreat in urban area

3.2. updated facilities

3.3. educated professors

3.3.1. no TAs

3.4. small class sizes

3.4.1. especially important because past schools did not offer this!