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SPIN Selling by Mind Map: SPIN Selling

1. Situation

1.1. Fact finding about present situation.

1.2. "How many people do you employ?"

1.3. Least powerful question. Often overly asked.

2. Problem

2.1. Asking about problems, difficulties, or dissatisfactions buyer is experiencing.

2.2. "What makes this operation difficult?"

2.3. More powerful than SQs

2.4. Think of your services in terms of problems they solve for buyers, not details/features.

3. Implication

3.1. Asking about consequences of effects of a buyer's problems, difficulties, or dissatisfactions.

3.2. "What effect does that problem have on output?"

3.3. Most powerful of all SPIN questions.

3.4. Hardest to ask so practice before calls/meetings.

4. Need-Payoff

4.1. Asking about the value or usefulness of a proposed solution.

4.2. "If we did that, how much could you save?"

4.3. Versatile question that is helpful and constructive.

4.4. Get the buyer to tell you the benefits.