Proposal for?

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Proposal for? by Mind Map: Proposal for?

1. What?

1.1. A represantation of the decades

1.2. Featuring ways to show our target audiences of ages 12+ how the decades would have been like. By taking the viewer on a journey through the decades!

1.3. Bringing back memories to those that were there in the decades.

1.4. A knowledge gaining experience to those who were not there at the time (younger children)

2. How?

2.1. The main emphasis of the film will be the music, this will tell the story and take the viewers on a journey through time

2.2. The fashions of the decades we will be trying to recreate will give the viewers an idea of the time and place this will explain how we can develop the knowledge of how youngsters would picture the 60's for example. By doing all of this we will be interviewing various members of the public that were there at any of the decades we will be showing, using audioboo or spreaker (a form of radio performance).

3. Why?

3.1. The reason to why we are making this genre of film is firstly, it has personally interested us, however we will find and research more on the decades we will visiting.

3.2. We feel by showing the younger generation of what it was like in each decade, it would become a knowledge gainer and a reminder to the older generation.

4. Who for?

4.1. We feel as this could possibly be a knowledge gainer as well as a bit of fun family entertainment. So this could possibly be shown in history lessons. So as a teacher's research for showing an outline of history till now.

5. Cost?

5.1. Production Price -

5.1.1. Tallboy Gold Deal - Extended Corporate Video - High Definition video - £15, 000

5.1.2. Crew - Cameraman, assistant and kit, (full lighting kit, basic soundkit) - £1000 However we are NOT in need of an edit suite/editor and we have access to equipment.

5.1.3. Edit Suite Studio with professional editor - £100 an hour (5hrs).

5.1.4. TOTAL = £16, 500 avrge.