Episode 5: Suspension Seat Posts

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Episode 5: Suspension Seat Posts by Mind Map: Episode 5: Suspension Seat Posts

1. Giving Thanks!

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2. Good question from Frank - one of the readers

2.1. This will be an overview of pros and cons and different types

2.2. Won't be a specific product review

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4. Suspension Post Types

4.1. Telescoping Seat Post

4.1.1. Types Coil Spring with damping Air spring/air damping Elastomer

4.1.2. Seat moves down and changes leg position in that way

4.2. Parrellelogram Seat Post

4.2.1. Pros Seat moves in the direction of the bump Backwards and down Easily moves, no sticktion

4.2.2. Cons More pivots to keep clean and maintain Can get a cover for it More of catapult if you hit a big bump while seated

4.3. Titanium Seatpost

4.3.1. This what I ride

5. Pros

5.1. Helps if you have back problems

5.2. Good for climbs and flats

5.3. Good way to add a little rear suspension to a Hardtail

5.3.1. Cheap way to add some suspension to your current bike

5.3.2. Don't have to get used to a new bike That can take time

5.3.3. Doesn't add that much weight

5.4. Good for Tandems!

6. Cons

6.1. Not a substitute for full suspension

6.1.1. Only Works while seated

6.1.2. Doesn't suspend the bike and rider.

6.1.3. On technical descents it won't help much because you should be off the saddle Don't try it!

6.1.4. They all seem to have a bit of "pogo"

7. Comments or Questions

7.1. Any thing that wasn't clear?

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