Teaching a unit in Physics with the use of ICT

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Teaching a unit in Physics with the use of ICT by Mind Map: Teaching a unit in Physics with the use of ICT

1. Student can use you-tube videos to self-learn a concept

1.1. SAMR

1.1.1. Augmentation: A teacher can substitute explaining a concept on board with a you-tube video that has many visual cues that helps students to better visualize the concept

2. The students can use software to simulate an experiment

2.1. SAMR

2.1.1. Redefinition: Students can design and build an electric circuit and observe the properties of electronic elements. This activity could not be done without ICT because it would be too expensive to realize in a physical manner.

3. The student use Excel to present graphs of lab experiments

3.1. SAMR

3.1.1. Augmentation: Student are using Excel to illustrate the outcome of experiment

4. Student use the internet to acquire information on the topic

4.1. SMAR

4.1.1. Substitution: Students can use the internet to do research to learn about a topic. They can substitute learning from textbook in this manner. Student can also connect with experts in the field

5. The student use of Power-Point to present their acquired knowledge

5.1. SAMR

5.1.1. Augmentation: Students can use this tool to present their work and they can be creative by embedding videos and animation