The Rise of Christianity

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The Rise of Christianity by Mind Map: The Rise of Christianity

1. The life and teachings of Jesus

1.1. Jesus of Nazareth

1.1.1. Born around 6-4 BC

1.1.2. Baptzed by John the Baptist

1.1.3. Began his public ministry at the age of 30

1.1.4. He preached, taught, and performed miracles

1.2. A growing movement

1.2.1. The first four books of the Bible are the main source of info on Jesus

1.2.2. Jesus' 12 deciples were later known as apostles

1.3. Jesus' Death

1.3.1. When Jesus visited Jerusalem about AD 29 he was greeted as the Messiah, who is the one who is said to rescue the Jews

1.3.2. Jesus was arrested Roman government for defying the authority of Rome

1.3.3. After Jesus' death he was placed in a tomb where 3 days later he reserected and appeared to his followers

2. Christianity Spreads Through the Empire

2.1. Pauls Mission

2.1.1. One day paul had a vision of Jesus afterwards he spent the rest of his life spreading and interpretating Jesus' teachings

2.2. Jewish Rebellion

2.2.1. In 66 AD a band of jews rebelled against Rome

2.2.2. In 70 AD the Romans destroyed Jerusalem's temple complex.

2.2.3. The jews made another attempt to break free of the Romans in 132 AD, 500,000 Jews were killed.

2.3. Persecution of the Christians

2.3.1. Christians refused to worship oman gods.

2.3.2. By the 2nd Century, the Pax Romana began to crumble.

2.3.3. Roman rulers used Christians as scape goats.

3. A World Religion

3.1. Constantine Accepts Christianity

3.1.1. In 312 AD The Roman emporer Constantine had a vision of a cross so he ordered his troops to put it on their shield's. They were victorious.

3.1.2. In 313 AD, Constantine announced an end to the persecution of Christians

3.2. Early Chrisian Church

3.2.1. Christians had given their religion a structure.

3.2.2. Every major city had its own Bishop

3.3. A Single Voice

3.3.1. Due to dispute over beliefs, the new testament was created.

3.4. The Fathers of the Church

3.4.1. One of the most important Fathers of the church was Augustine

3.4.2. Augustines most famous book is The City of God.