The Rise of Christian

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The Rise of Christian by Mind Map: The Rise of Christian

1. Rome took over the Jewish kingdom in 6 A.D. and made it a province of the empire.

1.1. Jews believed they would one day be free.

2. The Life and Teachings of Jesus.

2.1. Around 6-4 B.C Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Judea.

2.2. At age 30 Jesus began his public ministry

2.3. Jesus was raised in the city of Nazareth and he took up the trade of carpentry

3. Historical records mention very little about Jesus.

3.1. The main source of information about Jesus is the first four books of the New Testament in the Bible.

4. Jesus Death

4.1. Crowds greeted Jesus as the Messiah and king. This angered the Jewish priests.

4.2. The priests wanted Pilate to get rid of Jesus. They wanted him crucified.

4.3. Pilate was afraid the Jews would rebel so he ordered Jesus to be arrested and crucified.

4.4. In the Gospel it is said that Jesus rose from the grave and ascended into Heaven.

5. Christianity Spreads through the Empire.

5.1. After the death of Jesus, his followers still continued to spread his teachings.

5.2. Jesus disciples created a new religion based on his teachings.

5.3. Christianity spread slowly through the Roman Empire.

6. Paul

6.1. The apostle Paul had great influence on Christianity's devlopment.

6.2. Paul was a Jew, who had never met Jesus. He started out against Christianity.

6.3. For the rest of Pauls life he was spreading and interpreting Jesus's teachings.

6.4. In his teachings, Paul stressed that Jesus died for people's sins.

7. Jewish Rebeliion

7.1. In the begining of Christianity, Rome's attention was focused on Jesus's birth and on the Jews.

7.2. In 66 A.D some Jews rebelled against Rome.

7.3. In 70 A.D Rome stormed into Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple Complex.

8. A world Religion

8.1. By the late third century millions of Christians in the Roman Empire and beyond.

8.2. Christianity grew because it embraced people, gave hope to the pwoerless, appealed to those who were repelled by the extravagances of imperial Rome, offered a personal relationship with God, promised eternal life after death.

9. Constantine

9.1. He had prayed for help in a battle and when he won he gave the credit to the Christian God.

9.2. 313 A.D he announced an end to the persecution of Christians.

10. Early Christian Church

10.1. Bishop- a priest. He supervised several local churches.

10.2. Peter- an Apostle. He became the first bishop in Rome.

10.3. Pope- Peter was said to be the first Pope, the Father or head of the Christian church.

11. A single Voice

11.1. As Christianity grew, disagreements about beliefs developed among its followers.

11.2. The New Testament was added to the Hebrews Bible

12. The Fathers of the Church

12.1. Augustine became bishop of the city of Hippo in North Africa in 396.

12.2. One of Augustine's famous books is The City of God. it was written after Rome was plundered in the fifth century.