The Rise of Christianity

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The Rise of Christianity by Mind Map: The Rise of Christianity

1. Life and teachings of Jesus

1.1. Age of 30 he began his public ministry

1.2. Jesus' growing popularity concerned both Roman and Jewish leaders.

1.3. Jesus was born in the townof Bethleham.

1.4. Jesus was sentenced and crucified and died

2. Christianity Spreads Through the Empire

2.1. Paul spent his life spreading the word of Christianity

2.2. In 66 A.D Jewish rebellion led to the Romans killing about a half a million jews.

2.3. Another rebellion in 132 A.D led to another half a million jews being killed.

2.4. Christains were persecuted because they did not worship the roman gods.

3. A World Religion

3.1. Christianity grew because of its accepting beliefs and gave hope to people.

3.2. The emperor Constantine after leading an attack aganist other leaders converted to Christianity.

3.3. Theodosius made it the offical empires religion.

3.4. The bishop Peter was named the first pope of christianity

3.5. While Christianity grew the Roman empire grew weaker and evetually started to crumble.