Introduction to Visualisations Scientific Seminar IPTS/2008-03

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Introduction to Visualisations Scientific Seminar IPTS/2008-03 by Mind Map: Introduction to  Visualisations Scientific Seminar IPTS/2008-03

1. Notions

1.1. Visualisations

1.1.1. from representation to visualisation The power of external representations additive or substitutive codes

1.1.2. Periodic Table of Visalistation Methods

2. guidelines to select them

2.1. Tufte Principles of graphic excellence

2.1.1. GE is a matter of substance statistic and design

2.1.2. Communicate complexity with clarity, precision and efficiency

2.1.3. the greatest number of ideas in the shortest time with the least ink in the smallest space

2.1.4. is nearly always multivariate.

2.1.5. requires telling the truth about the data

2.1.6. New node

2.2. BcnVisualisationsTeam

2.2.1. issues to consider

3. Sources

3.1. Open Lists

3.2. RSS feeds

3.2.1. infoaesthetics

3.3. Tags tracking

3.4. Websites, blogs

3.4.1. the map room

3.4.2. visual complexity

3.4.3. el germinador

3.4.4. atlas of cyberspace

3.5. Groups/ Experiments

3.6. Courses

3.6.1. MIT social visualisation course

3.6.2. presence space and place resources

3.6.3. Berkeley Info Vis course

4. what are these tools for?

4.1. Mapping physical territories

4.1.1. geopolitical (borders, ressources, environmental measuring..) JRC maps darfur crisis

4.1.2. psycho-geography map of istambul map bcn cartografía estrecho common census map

4.1.3. GIS/GPS Mapserver googlemaps inforain

4.1.4. Wikimaps open street map tunisian prison map history timeline

4.2. Mapping digital territories

4.2.1. > Beginning: explore, derive, open entrance of data, serendipity Visualizing / data mining information retrieval : search engines information flows relations

4.2.2. > development: build corpus data/ shape methodology/experiment relations identify/ build/explore data corpus Tics & Migrations/ Study on SC and IEM linkology/Anemone digg lab etc/group

4.2.3. > finalize: spread, present data display Many eyes area silobreaker NYC global talk

4.3. Creating Inmersive environments

4.3.1. distance meeting/learning Second life Grid education slurl

4.3.2. creation of experiments on social conditions

4.3.3. gaming MUD Alphaworld Video Games Warcraft