Indian Office Operations

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Indian Office Operations by Mind Map: Indian Office Operations

1. Accounting

1.1. Sales Entry

1.1.1. GST Free Items

1.1.2. GST Items

1.2. Entry of Purchases

1.2.1. GST Free Items

1.2.2. GST Items

1.3. Invoice Entry

1.4. Cross-verification of entries by another team member

1.5. Bank Statement Reconciliation

2. Compliance

2.1. Assist the compliance manager with identifying the documentation

3. Filing and Paperwork

3.1. Digitization of Invoices

3.1.1. No LOCAL copies to be maintained

3.1.2. Minimize/Look for ways to reduce the carbon footprint or printing of documents

3.2. Use of Multi-Function Device

4. Reporting (Finance Manager)

4.1. Frequency

4.1.1. Fortnightly

4.1.2. Monthly

4.1.3. Financial Quarter

4.1.4. Year Over Year

5. Payroll Computation

6. Payroll Functions (for India Operations)

7. Finance Manager (Lead)

7.1. Accounts Officers

7.2. Administrative

7.2.1. Receptionist Directs calls Assists with paper work (electronically) Scheduling Attendance of Indian Team Members Asset Management Address records management Other assisting functions Stationery Register Stationery Purchases Upkeep of the premises Records-Compiles and Transmits messages (depending on urgency at regular intervals)

7.2.2. Office Assistant Janitorial Miscellaneous Tasks

8. Hardware and Software Needs (Infrastructure)

8.1. Super Fast Broadband Internet connection with at least 98.5% uptime

8.2. Computers with decent configuration (preferably from Dell- Business Support needed to minimize downtime)

8.2.1. Dual Screen Monitors preferred for smoother functioning of the processes

8.3. Contractor/Technical Associate to deploy, install, configure the machines on demand (Full-time employee NOT required)

8.4. Document TWAIN scanning software, Sending Faxes from office machine to Australian Fax numbers, MYOB, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Drive, Anti-virus, Anti-Malware, Google Chrome Browser with the latest add-ins, Other productivity utilities installed on request

8.5. VOIP PBX ( redirects Australian calls to India

9. Communication

9.1. Email


9.3. Fax to Email

9.4. Whatsapp

9.5. Email to Fax?

10. Team Building

10.1. Continuous Knowledge Sharing sessions

10.2. Team Meetings (mutually sharing the knowledge)

10.3. Process Improvement discussions

10.4. Training Needs discussions

10.5. Packaging services to business

11. Licensing and Statutory

11.1. Other Services Providers from Department of Telecommunications (need to research and find information)