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1.1. Public mistrust and misinformation

1.2. Making Science Accessible

1.2.1. Science Cafes

1.2.2. Accessibility through the arts Picture Books Ubiquitous: Celebrating Nature’s Survivors - Joyce Sidman Older than the Stars - Karen C. Fox I Wonder - Annaka Harris Comics Optical Allusions - Jay S Hosler Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth - Jay S. Hosler Can Comic Books Replace Scientific Articles? - Niels Ebdrup CIINDI in Space

1.2.3. Cosmos

1.2.4. Digital Content ASAP Science

1.3. Climate Change

1.3.1. Slowing the effects Carbon Dioxide sequestration


2.1. Labor

2.1.1. Issues Affecting Educators Merit Pay Union Busting

2.1.2. Addressing the gender pay gap

2.2. Access to quality education

2.3. Gender, Race, and Class

2.3.1. Systematic racism Free Breakfast for Children Program Awareness through the arts The Boondocks - Aaron McGruder Adrian Piper Fred Wilson Marlon Riggs Critical Race Theory Learning in a Burning House - Sonja Horsford

2.3.2. Feminism Troubles with motherhood Maternity Leave in America

2.3.3. The Women of Katrina: How Gender, Race, and Class Matter in an American Disaster - Emmanuel Davis

2.3.4. Women, Race, and Class - Angela Y. Davis


3.1. Critical Questioning

3.1.1. Want Scientifically Literate Children? Get Out of Their Way. - Neil deGrasse Tyson:

3.2. Self Led Learning

3.2.1. MOOCs The Chemistry of Life Leaders of Learning

3.2.2. Distributed Individual

3.2.3. Genius Hour

3.2.4. A School in the Cloud - Sugatra Mitra

3.2.5. Khan Academy

3.3. Corporate Reform and Privatization

3.3.1. Teach for America

3.3.2. Charter Networks

3.3.3. Students First and Michelle Rhee

3.3.4. The accountability movement

3.3.5. Criticism and Resistance A Racio-economic Analysis of Teach for America: Counterstories of TFA Teachers of Color - Lapayese, et. all Reign of Error - Diane Ravitch Organizing Resistance to Teach for America - Rethinking Schools

3.4. Learning with Purpose

3.4.1. Distributed Collective

3.4.2. Project and Problem Based Learning

3.5. Self Organized Learning Groups

3.5.1. Distributed Collective

3.5.2. In the classroom

3.6. The Student Centered Classroom

3.6.1. Dr. Alfie Kohn

3.6.2. Maria Montessori