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'The Tempest', Scotland, and James I by Mind Map:
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'The Tempest', Scotland, and James I

Private vs. public

East Lothian witchcraft trials

Daemonologie, (False) binaries, similar to the one Prospero sets up between his 'art' and Sycorax's 'sorceries ill', Conflates sorcery and witchcraft, though the class distinction remains - sorcery derived trough excess of learning

Agnes Sampsons' insight into James I's wedding night, Prospero's insight into the intimate moments between his daughter and Ferdinand: the audience/reader spies on the spy. The intrusion of privacy itself made public; it is broadcast *by* Prospero *to* us - without an audience it is just a matter for the eavesdropping father. 'News from Scotland' effects the same process as Shakespeare's play in this regard., Though the words themselves remain unreported, in 'News from Scotland' one woman's knowledge of the king's private moments is nevertheless broadcast to the public at large

History vs. news

Anne's aborted voyage to Scotland; James' voyage to Norway/Denmark and back

The fantasy of a suitor's trials (Ferdinand in chains) vs. James' anxieties prior to his voyage to Norway

Francis Stewart, 5th earl of Bothwell

Bookish Machiavellians vs. violent aristocrats (Prospero & Antonio / James & Bothwell)

Macbeth, Bothwell's attack on Holyroodhouse & Macbeth's murder of Duncan


Blood feud vs. common law

The Statutes of Iona

Fife Adventurers