ALMS - Group Philosophy

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ALMS - Group Philosophy by Mind Map: ALMS - Group Philosophy

1. Mobile architecture

1.1. Forms according to natural needs

1.1.1. Air travel - dandelion

1.1.2. Water travel - aquatic mammal?

1.1.3. Needs propulsion/protection/nourishment

1.2. Moves around to maximise resources

1.3. Groups similar mental states together on re-entry to physical

1.3.1. Personal choice for group to meet with, opposites/friends

2. Morphing architecture

2.1. Communicative of mental state

2.2. Cumulative experiences experienced

3. Human participation

3.1. Body needs to be kept in working shape

3.1.1. Muscle stimulation

3.1.2. Purge of toxins

3.2. Body adapted to process raw resources into useful materials

3.2.1. Form new pods/fuel