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Robot Types by Mind Map: Robot Types

1. Industrial Robots

1.1. Mechanical Structure

1.1.1. Cartesian Robot 3 Axis(X,Y,Z)

1.1.2. Gantry Robot 3 Axis(X,Y,Z) 3 Axis as Cartesian Robot In other word, Super-sized Cartesian Robot

1.1.3. Cylindrical Robot a main axis in the center

1.1.4. Spherical/Polar Robot similar to Cylindrical Robot but form Spherical motion using polar coordination

1.1.5. Articulated Robot >= 3 rotary joints anthropomorphic arm (the other name) closely resemble human's arm

1.1.6. SCARA Robot popular articulated arm + cylindrical robot

1.1.7. Parallel Robot fixed base to platform by a number of legs example realistic flight simulator rides in amusement park

2. Mobile Robots

2.1. Environment

2.1.1. Land or Home Robot

2.1.2. Space Robot

2.1.3. Underwater Robot

2.1.4. Aerial Robot

2.2. Moving Device

2.2.1. Legged Robot

2.2.2. Wheeled Robot

2.2.3. Tracks

2.3. Objective

2.3.1. Navigation Manuel Remote/Tele-op Under Control with control device Examples Guarded Tele-op Line-following robot Autonomously randomized robot Autonomously guided robot Sliding autonomy