Shawshank Redemption

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Shawshank Redemption by Mind Map: Shawshank Redemption

1. Relationships

1.1. Andy and Warden

1.1.1. Andy did the Warden's taxes

1.1.2. Worked for the Warden

1.1.3. Did his laundry

1.2. Andy and Red

1.2.1. Red got certain items for Andy; rock hammer, posters etc.

1.3. Andy and Tommy

1.3.1. Andy helps Tommy with his university studies

1.4. Brooks and Jake

1.4.1. Jake was Brooks' bird whom he took care of and loved. Jake was Brooks' best friend, and Brooks was heartbroken when he had to leave Shawshank because he had to let Jake go.

1.5. Andy and Bogs

1.5.1. Bogs rapes and assaults Andy on numerous occasions. He is eventually bashed to the point of being a quadriplegic and has to leave Shawshank.

2. How characters develop and change: their decisions, motivations, what influences them

2.1. Andy Dufresne

2.1.1. Through his time in Shawshank, Andy becomes closer with the people in there. For example, he develops a strong relationship with Red and his friends. He also moves his way up the "chain" by gradually being given more responsibilities at the prison. For example, he moves out of doing laundry to do work for the Warden. He does his taxes, along with doing the taxes of all the guards and giving financial and legal advice.

2.1.2. His motivation is to fulfill his dream of going to Mexico, getting a run down boat and fixing it up. He tells this to Red when he becomes close with him and eventually this dream is fulfilled. He acts on this motivation by digging the tunnel in the cell wall. By the end of the film, it is clear that Andy had been working towards his goal for nearly the entire time he was in Shawshank.

2.1.3. Andy influences the people around him because he is one of the more educated prisoners at Shawshank. Because of this he becomes the "go to" man around the prison. He becomes the banker and tax worker for the prison, including doing the Warden's taxes and the guard's taxes. When Brooks dies, he also takes on the responsibility of building the library in honour of Brooks' death. The library becomes a place where many of the prisoners get their high school diploma. Andy particularly influences Tommy, a young man who has a wife and baby but keeps having to time in prison. He helps him get his high school diploma and gains Tommy's trust, in return, Tommy tells him that he knows who actually killed his wife and her lover. Tommy is eventually killed for trying to get Andy out of prison because Andy knows that there is a lot of illegal activity that goes on in Shawshank.

2.2. Red

2.3. Warden Norton

3. Key Events/Moments that develop the narrative

3.1. Andy Dufresne's court case at the beginning

3.1.1. Begins the story giving the audience a reason for Andy to be at Shawshank camera looking upon Andy Andy speaks with a hoarse throat emphasis on judges hammer

3.2. Andy arriving at Shawshank prison

3.2.1. Sets the scene of Shawshank. It is a strict prison run by a religious Warden who stops at nothing to get his way camera perspective of on the bus, in front of the bus and behind the bus. silence depicts seriousness when prisoners being examined by guards loud sound affect of chains and locking doors/gates to emphasize prison

3.3. Andy getting rapped by Bogs

3.3.1. Shows the darker side of what Shawshank does to a prisoner rather than the guards beating each other up they turned to sexual harassment to satisfy themselves. dark music narration because the image may of been a bit confronting repetition of similar scenes action music while men are fighting dark surrounding lightning to convey scary mood

3.4. Tommy coming to Shawshank

3.4.1. Show the next naive generation as he is the first prisoner to arrive at the prison in a couple of years repeats camera angles from when Andy came upbeat music to show he is a happy character short scenes of him working and getting along with the other prisoners

3.5. Andy spending a month in the 'hole'

3.5.1. Shows the power that the Warden holds over the prison. He is threatened by Andy because deep down he knows he is innocent. single strip of light film from perspective of Andy looking out of the hole and also from guard/warden looking into the hole emphasis on door shutting andy looked filthy to show that he has spent a long time in the whole the light hurt Andy's eyes to also emphasize the amount of time he has spent in the hole cramped/claustrophobic setting to show that it is uncomfortable

3.6. Roof of the prison being re-tarred

3.6.1. Show a kindness in the guards as they allow the prisoners to have beers and work out in the sun at the cost of the roof being re-tarred and also at the cost of Andy managing their taxes and funds. sunlight to show warmth camera angle off the building to show how high it is camera of behind the guards as andy walks over to them placing and movement of prisoners when they have their beers displaying pure happiness (laughing, lounging around etc.)

3.7. Andy escaping Shawshank

3.7.1. Shows us a side of Andy which the audience never expects. The climax of the entire film. Andy never really was depressed he was only intensely determined rainy stormy night Andy's expression on his face; scared while escaping & relieved when he escapes cramped sewage pipe to show how uncomfortable it is flashback as the warden begins to figure out what Andy has done narration from Red

3.8. Andy becoming Brooks librarian assistant

3.8.1. Shows the business and numbers side of Andy as he arranges the books and helps to improve the library light coming into the library camera angle everyone getting involved in fixing the library

3.9. Brooks being released from Shawshank

3.9.1. Shows that people are eventually released from the prison but only at a time in which the guards are sure that exposure to the outside world will harm them silence expression of fear on Brook's face outdated clothes he wears size and colour of his apartment conveys dark mood sad music

3.10. Brooks hanging himself

3.10.1. Shawshank is all that Brooks has come to know and love thus the outside world ultimately shock Brook until he cannot keep up anymore. apartment all dark except where wood has been carved (because the inner wood is lighter) sad music camera angle of feet when he is etching and hanging himself camera view from the back of him as his corpse hangs from the ceiling camera shot on the bus going to town

3.11. Red getting out of Shawshank

3.11.1. Shows the influence of the new management for Shawshank as Red is let out immediately even though he expects otherwise and really doesn't care to begin with. "hopeful" music same camera angle as Brooks same bus angle swell hopeful look on reds face asking the manager to pee and manager replying you don't have to ask me (he is used to asking)

3.12. Red going to the specified tree and finding Andy's letter

3.12.1. finally presents the mysterious item in which Andy speaks about; a box full of cash and a letter sun surrounding him sunny day very beautiful green pastures hopeful music camera angle from behind red as he walks to the designated spot

3.13. Red finding Andy at the end

3.13.1. Shows the strong friendship between Red and Andy as Red recollects himself after getting out of prison and remembers what Andy says and uses it to find him and live happily together. happy music camera angle of andy fixing boat as red walks landscape of beach blurs slightly around them when they see each other

3.14. Bogs being beaten by the guards to become a cripple

3.14.1. Shows power of the guards over those prisoners who are even feared by the other prisoners sad music camera angle from on looking prisoners makeup to make him look beat up props - wheelchair

3.15. Warden shooting himself

3.15.1. Shows that the warden would rather be dead than end up in a prison like Shawshank because he know first hand what goes on inside them. The pressures finally get to him music intensifying camera angle looking upon the warden SFX with blood hitting the window emphasis on the police at the door look of worry on the warden's face camera view from him looking out the window

3.16. Tommy being shot by the guards

3.16.1. Shows that the warden will do anything not to have media attention around Andy's case even if it may be true because he handles his money darkness everywhere at night use of floodlights to show characters camera angle from guard on looking at Tommy and the warden music intensifying

3.17. Tommy recollection of Elmo Blatch's confession to killing Andy's wife and her lover.

3.17.1. Shows the audience that Andy wasn't lying in the first scene and that he is in prison for no reason. He is INNOCENT flashback of Tommy dark room lighting sinister music certain flashbacks to the reoccurrence of the murder shadow on one side of Elmo's faces