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Federalist Vs Antifederalist by Mind Map: Federalist
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Federalist Vs Antifederalist


Notable Persons

Patrick Henry

George Mason

Thomas Jefferson

Antifederalist beliefs

Antifederalists didn't support the new government that was introduced by the Constitution. They argued that this new government was too untested and that they shouldn't throw th old government out.

They opposed ratification of the Constitution and only finally relented once a Bill of Rights was added

The Anti-federalists had a more narrow view of society. Many anti-federalists viewed their society as a bunch of farmers.


Notable persons

James Madison

Alexander Hamilton

George Wahsington

Benjamin Franklin

John Jay

Federalist beliefs

They believed that this government was good enough to replace the Articles of Confederation. They argued that this government would fix most of the problems with the Articles and that he United States economy would improve because of it

They didn't view society as a group of farmers like many of the anti-federalists did. They had a more general outlook.