The Truman Show

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The Truman Show by Mind Map: The Truman Show

1. Key Events/Moments that develop the narrative

1.1. When the light falls out of the sky

1.1.1. From that moment he becomes suspicious about his surroundings. There are several camera angles in this scene including: you see Trumans head looks up, you see the light falling fast. there are sound effects as it is falling and then Trumans surprised face as he sees this thing lying in his street

1.2. Sylvia exclaiming that everything is fake

1.2.1. An important memory for Truman as later in his life it helps him connects the dots and realize his life is fake The audience views this scene through a flashback therefore the audience understands that Truman does not actually like Meryl, why he wants to go to Fiji and also how he is finally connecting all the suspicious dots in his life.

1.3. Notices Meryl's crossed fingers in his wedding photo

1.3.1. He doesn't know who he can trust or what is the truth When truman sees Meryl the next day when she is on her way to work he slyly brings up having 'his fingers crossed for her'. After this she is a little hostile and knows that Truman may be onto her.

1.4. When the elevator has no wall

1.4.1. This is one of the first things Truman sees that has him very suspicious, why would the elevator have no wall? and why did the security people care so much This camera angle captures the force that the guards take to take out Truman, it also has a close up of the guards face to describe their worry about Truman trying to go up the lift

1.5. Seeing his dad as a homeless man

1.5.1. Would've made him think that he was being lied to, they changed his characters appearance. The music in this scene applied extra suspense on the scene. As Truman runs after who he thinks is his father the music gets faster and more stressful

1.6. When the boat hits the edge of the set

1.6.1. Truman is now 100% sure of his suspicions The dome the show is set in has been painted to create the illusion of the sea, so when Truman crashes into it he actually realises he has been trapped in this thing. His surprised face, then when he touches it you can just see his face expressions change.

1.7. When the policeman knows his name

1.7.1. This is a big part of the film as it causes Truman to act on his suspicions.

1.8. Meryl having a mental breakdown and asking for someone to help her

1.8.1. This moment is where Truman is lead to questioning his closest relationships the narrative persues from here by Merlin coming over quickly and saving Meryl from Truman, in this fast moving scene Meryl accidentally asks some one to help her.

1.9. When the radio starts describing his movements

1.9.1. there has been a technical difficulty and the radio starts describing where Truman is driving, adds yet another suspicion onto his pile of curiosities Truman's expressions and movements in this scene further develop the fact that he is highly suspicious about the radio following his actions

2. Relationships that develop between characters

2.1. Truman and Sylvia

2.1.1. The outcome of this relationship was that it inspired truman to question things in his life. It allowed him to escape his ‘controlled marriage’ and allowed him to feel something more that just a dry relationship. Ultimately this relationship allowed truman to adventure and find the reality in his life. At the Parade After party, the camera angles emphasized Trumen's willingness and desire to talk to and meet sylvia. the cameras angles between the two characters while they were dancing was always shot from Sylvia's perspective, highlighting the eagerness of Truman to meet her, as he was always looking at her. The audience empathized with the lust for love and the idea of love at first sight. this was reinforced by the camera angles shown between the two characters that day.

2.2. Truman and Merrill

2.2.1. Truman and Merrill in a way have two different relationships from two different perspectives. Truman's perspective is that Merrill is he's wife and they fell in love at a young age, though, does he love her? In Merrill's perspective Truman is her show husband, she doesn't actually love him though at the start of the film she said the Truman show is her 'lifestyle' not a show so she may actually love Truman. A relationship and marriage between two people needs to be natural and their relationship was manufactered which is why it didn't work in the end, a fake relationship will never last long There is several different production techniques that the producers have used to emphasize Truman and Merrill's relationship. For one, the camera is usually on Merrill's face when Merrill and Truman and looking at each other, because merrill is acting to love Truman she can do the love face though Truman, who doesn't really love Merrill won't always look at her like that, she knows there is a camera on there, but he doesn't.

2.3. Truman and Christoph

2.3.1. This relationship is interesting because until the end, Truman had no idea about Christoph. The relationship was very much one way, and when Truman found out the relationship changed and the outcome was that Christoph was left with nothing and Truman had the freedom without Christoph to go out and live. The audience viewed the relationship between these two characters as a father and son relationship. The production elements throughout the film helped create this view or opinion about this relationship. When Truman was sleeping and they had all the different night cameras on him, Christoph got worried because he thought that truman wasn't there, the cameras angles showed panic on his face and they kept on cutting to the different cameras in tremens room. this created rising tension which lead to the climax of loosing Truman.

2.4. Truman and Marlon

2.4.1. for Truman the relation ship with Marlon is that he is his very best friend to the end, when ever truman had an issue the first person he would visit would be Marlon and the only person he would let change his mind would be Marlon. for Marlon Truman was the person he was paid to keep still and to keep an eye on. when Truman started getting wind of the whole conspiracy going on around him Marlon would try and talk him out of it and stop him from escaping. every conversation that happened between Marlon and Truman was seen through one of the many hidden cameras on the set emphasizing the fact that he was "in on it" and there to keep him from doing something they cant handle.

2.5. Truman and the Audience

2.5.1. the result of this relation ship had no effect on truman himself but for audience it is a major thing. it is said that the Truman show "is the most watched show on television". for many people the Truman show is not only Truman's life but theirs as well. the audience follows all of Truman's emotions and challenges as if there their own. every angle of that you see of the audience is looking from the televisions because that lets the viewers of the movie see their eyes and see their stress and excitement and all other emotions conveyed the audience of the the show experience Truman's challenges as their own and this is displayed in one scene when the man in the bath tub hangs off a shower curtain while he watches Truman hang of a rope on the boat, it is clear that he is experiencing the same fear as truman because of the way he personified it.

2.6. Truman and his father

2.6.1. Truman and his father had a close relationship whilst he lived but he is lead to believe his dad is dead, Until Truman and his father are re-united their is no relationship between them, until they are re-united they share a close and emotional bond. the camera's zoomed in and scoped in on the emotional reunnion of Truman and his father when they are on the bridge and they cue the fog/smoke and get all different camera angles to make the audience feel the scene and add emotion to the scene

3. How characters develop and change their decisions/what influences them/motivations

3.1. Truman

3.1.1. realising something is not right Tries to find out what's going on acts in a threatening way to his wife Wants to escape and be free

3.1.2. His feelings for Sylvie Not fully in love with his wife Wants to find Sylvie

3.1.3. Wanting more to his life he accpets that his life is a show, where

3.1.4. starts to go insane

3.2. Sylvie

3.2.1. trying to free Truman

3.2.2. morals realising it is not right to keep him trapped.

3.2.3. personal motivation/affiliatoin feelings develop for Truman and she wants to be with him again

3.3. Marlon

3.3.1. over time he grew to care about Truman as a real friend but was conflicted as to whether he should listen to the director or not

3.3.2. under the command of the director conflicted by his friendship with Truman, and the acting role.

3.4. the director - christof

3.4.1. obsessed with the fame causes him to do extreme things such as nearly drowing Truman. the show turns him into a crazy man Production Element - This is shown when the workers of the show have a big reaction when Christof tells them to flip the boat and potentially drown him

3.4.2. trying to keep the show running trying to stop Truman from escaping Production Element - this is shown when he creates the storm to try and prevent Truman from sailing away.

3.4.3. invested a lot into the show big commitment, emotionally and financially

3.5. Meryl (wife)

3.5.1. motivated to keep the show running and keep up the act will go to any measures to keep it going

3.5.2. overwhelmed by the role gets to a stage where she feels threatened and breaks character PRODUCTION ELEMENT: when things get heated in the kitchen between Truman and Meryl, and Truman threatens meryl with the knife, Meryl jeopardises the show, and ultimately gives away the secret to Truman accidently, when she cries for help to the cameras watching

3.6. Truman's 'father'

3.6.1. changed his mind and wanted to be part of trumans life afrer being killed off the show tries to help him escape from the show in the scene where Truman spots his father in disguise trying to tell him that his life is a tv show, and he is stopped by the officials of the show