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FreshBooks by Mind Map: FreshBooks

1. TimeTracking

1.1. Projects

1.1.1. New Project Project name = End client name where consultant is going to work clientname = vendor details where we send invoices to (should have been already added in People section) BillingMethod = Hourly Staff Rate Time Estimate = 168 New Topic New Topic Add a Task - Select Holiday Add a Team Member- select Add applicable consultant name for this project (end - client).

1.2. Tasks

1.2.1. New Task Task Name = Call consultant and get the work project name they are doing now at client Description - Consultant role (Get it from PO or SOW) Bill to Client - add rate per hour - This will be auto populated when you create invoices, you will have a option of changing it Assign to Poject - Select abvoe created project (end client), whichever is applicable

1.3. Team Timesheets

1.3.1. Select consultant name from Team dropdown

1.3.2. select Project (End-Client) name

1.3.3. Add a line for each task , including holiday

2. Add Payments

2.1. Invoices

2.1.1. Payments New Payment Select all invoices that you want enter payment for. You can select all as well by clicking "checkbox" in the header field. Click on "EnterPayment" button at the bottom Enter payment amount or Select "Pay in full" for each invoice or you have "Pay all invoice in full" checkbox at the top to change all invoice payment Method should be "Check" or "ACH" for online deposit Enter "Date" when the payment was updated in our bank account Enter Notes, if needed: Like paid only partial, or any issues you encountered or you see in the payment Click on "Save" Once all information is entered