Get Critical: Explore the relationship between Narrative and Production

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Get Critical: Explore the relationship between Narrative and Production by Mind Map: Get Critical: Explore the relationship between Narrative and Production

1. Relationships that develop between characters and outcomes of these relationships.

1.1. When Pat meets Tiffany (loved her since he first saw her)

1.1.1. The outcome of this relationship is that Pat finally meets a person that loves him for him and doesn't want him to change him (Nikki wanted him to lose weight and control his mood swings) more depth Production techniques influence how the audience views this relationship by adding little clues throughout the film showing that Nikki loves Pat. An example of a clue shown by Nikki is the way she looks at him and she shows her sadness whenever she hears Pat talk about Nikki.

1.2. When Pat first saw his father after being released from the mental institution.

1.2.1. This encounter develops the delicate relationship between Pat and his father. It gives the viewer a short snippet of what their relationship consists of and how Pat's father sees his son. Production techniques influence how the audience views the relationship between Pat and his dad when he sees him for the first time since coming out of rehab. This is shown in the scene when Pat walks into his parents room at 4am to tell them how stupid the book was that he just finished. His dad looks at him as if he was crazily

1.3. When Veronica starts to like Pat as a friend at the end of the film

1.3.1. At the start of the film the relationship between Veronica and Pat was a mutual dislike. This was because Veronica knows what happened between Pat and Nikki and Veronica still thinks that Pat is still unwell and wont believe that he is cured until she sees it for herself. Through out the film we see that both Tiffany and Pat learn how to control their issues and Veronica sees this and starts to notice that Pat is better and by the end of the film we see Veronica starting to trust Pat because she can see that Pat is helping Tiffany. When we first are introduced to Veronica the camera is zoomed out, this is to show that the relationship between Pat and Veronica is not close. By the end of the movie we see a close up of Veronica smiling, this represents that the relationship between Pat and Veronica has become closer.

1.4. The relationship between Pat and his Psychologist Dr Cliff Patel.

1.4.1. Pat and Dr Patel don't get along that well in their sessions with each other, however when they find a common interest that they both share, football, they become almost family and Pat starts taking his advice seriously. The audience views this relationship

2. Key events / moments that develop the narrative.

2.1. When Pat meets Tiffany (loved her since he first saw her)

2.1.1. This event develops the narrative because its the first time either one of them has fallen for someone other than their previous partners.

2.2. The bet is placed on the game and the dance

2.2.1. This event develops the narrative through putting pressure on Tiffany and Pat to score at least a 5/10 in their dance, in order to win the parlay. The Parlay was a bet of the Eagles beating the Cowboys in a football game, and for Tiffany and Pat to get a 5 in the dance competition. This bet was placed to give Pats family a second chance in a double or nothing bet against Randy. Production techniques show that there is an argument between the two families. This scene is filmed with people in a small room, with people arguing and discussing the bet. This creates intensity for the viewer, and keeps the film engaging.

2.3. Pat asks Tiffany out to a diner

2.3.1. This is a key event because this is known to be be Tiffany's and Pats first "date". which shows they are both moving forward from their former partners and by trying to overcome their past, they try to overcome their illnesses.

3. How characters develop and change: their decisions, motivations, what influences them.

3.1. Both characters Pat and Tiffany have both been influenced by each other throughout the film, and while this happened, both their mental illnesses faded due to each other's company.

3.1.1. When Tiffany helps Pat to get over the wedding song, which was a trigger to his mental illness (bipolar) production techniques. whenever pat and tiffany are together, thee camera angles are always generally close up on their faces when they speak or show some form of emotional appeal. sometimes when pat is speaking, they show tiffany's face rather than pats, this is done to show tiffany's emotion reaction to what pat is saying. this is a form of technique used in this production

3.2. the father (pat sr.) believes that pat has changed leaning towards the end of the film. Pat's father never believed that Pat was truly recovered from his mental illness from the day he was allowed to come home. throughout the film, Pat's father has changed his thoughts and views on his son, through his actions and the good influence and bonding with tiffany. the father's views and understandings of pat has changed throughout the film

3.2.1. when pat comes home from the mental institute, he tries to convince everyone he is fine and well, but his father who has OCD is not confident with believing his son is recovered. and this has proven to be true when pat tries to look for his wedding tape (which is a trigger to his bi polar) in his fathers obsessively organised office at 3 am. this didn't make pat look well nor mentally stable. also when pat refused to take his medication, this was another indication that Pat thought he himself was fine, but appeared to his father that he wasn't. the outcome of this developed and change relationship comes out positively in the end. although tiffany was the main reason for pats recovery, pats father thought she was bad for his superstition on his football betting, he then realises and is confronted that tiffany is a positive influence for pat, rather than a bad one. this shows change in pats father. he then see's pats positive habits by getting into a healthy routine with his life. pat's father believes his son is well once he place's a bet on their placing in the dance competition. this shows trust and faith in his son which means he believes he is well and improving productions and techniques influence showed the emotional appeal in each character.

3.3. Tiffany writes a letter to Pat, saying that she is Nikki.

3.3.1. Pat writes a letter to Nikki that Tiffany was going to give to her due to his restraining order. However, Tiffany wasn't going to give the letter to Nikki unless Pat did a dance with her. When Pat does the dance, Tiffany says she gives the letter to Nikki, but she just replies to it saying that she is Nikki and then gives it back to him. Pat knows that Nikki didn't write it, but keeps it a secret anyway. Production techniques influence how the audience views the relationship between Tiffany and Pat. This event is filmed in a way that shows the audience that Tiffany and Pat know different things at different times (Pat knows that Tiffany wrote the letter, but Tiffany still thinks Pat doesn't know). This creates suspense throughout the film.