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Get Critical by Mind Map: Get Critical

1. Key Events

1.1. Coming out of the mental asylum

1.1.1. Pat was put into the asylum due to nearly killing the man who was having an affair with his wife

1.1.2. When pat walks in and sees the history teacher and his wife who work at the same school, they are playing Pat and Nikkies wedding song. From then on when ever pat hears the wedding song it makes him go crazy. Tiffany teachers him to realize that it's just a song and it playing with his head

1.2. When he receives the letter from Nikki

1.2.1. When Pat receives the letter he is tricked into thinking Nikki has written back to him. This helps Pat to feel that he still has a chance with the woman that he loves. Shortly after he finds out that the otter was not from Nikki but actually from Tiffany and falls in love with her on the spot.

1.3. the Eagles lose the game against New York. they get into the fight.

1.3.1. His father is very superstitious and believes that the fight is what caused the Eagles to lose the game against New York.

1.3.2. Tiffany storms in and explains that Pat stood him up and, that is the reason that the Eagles have lost the game. everytime that they have been together , the Eagles have won. tiffany shows her interest in football and impresses Pat's father

1.3.3. Tiffany tells Pat to 'read the signs'. this triggers something in Pat's memory and makes him want to check the letter that Nikki had written back to him. Pat checks the letter and realizes that it was Tiffany responding to these messages all along. he then goes out for a run and by the music and themes used in this scene we realize that he is also in love with Tiffany, just as Tiffany is in love with Pat.

1.3.4. His father is very consumed in betting and making money. we see this when he doubles the chances on the bet with Randy. the stakes of this bet are very high, and depend on pretty much everything Pat's father owns. there is a lot riding on the dance competition. they score at least an average of 5 points for his father to wing the bet

1.4. Agreeing to Being involved in the dance competition

1.4.1. This was a big decision for Pat because he knew if he could successfully involve himself in the dance with tiffany, he will start to prove that he is discipline, focused, loyal, calm and new and changed man.

2. How Characters Develop And Change

2.1. Ronnie who is Pat Jnrs. best friend also former brother in law is in doubt with his marriage. When ronnie see's Pats determination to get his health back into shape and get back the love of his life, Ronnie is confronted with the fact that he has to change to enhance his marriage with Veronica. Ronnie seems like he has everything going for him. Nice house, baby daughter, loving wife. But in this movie we can come to terms that although Ronnie has a lot of things he is still very un happy with the way his life is running. Pat is able to help him transform from an un happy life to enhance and improve his life.

2.2. Pats senior

2.2.1. From pats JR time in the mental asylum he doesn't realize his own problems, when pats get back he constantly reminds his dad that he has OCD. Every time an eagles game plays, he needs pat JR to hold the handkerchief in his right hand along with a remote in each hand because he believes it gives him good luck to win. Pat SR can get very aggressive when he doesn't get his way. When Pat JR gets on a high or low from his mental issues this effects Pat SR and makes him go crazy also.

2.3. Tiffany - Tiffany

2.3.1. Tiffany - Tiffany has developed in many ways through the film. At the start of the film we were confronted by Tiffany as being a character with a reputation that she wasn't proud of. Although after she spends some time with pat this all changes as she realises that her relationship with pat is very strong and this leads to a long and lasting relationship.

2.4. Pat

2.4.1. Pat at the beginning of the movie is quite out of control. he refuses to take his medication and he still gets very angry. he has an issue because there is no filter between his brain and his mouth. this tends to upset people because it can be quite offensive. as the movie progresses Pat becomes much more mature and you really see a change in his behavior. once he realizes that he is in love with tiffany his attitude completely changes. he is calm and he is happy. he meets Nikki again and realizes that he does no longer love her. he then runs after tiffany and kisses her. this is when we realize their in love

3. Relationships That Develop Between Characters

3.1. Pat and his dad obviously had a bad relationship when Pat was a child, We see this when Pat Snr says to Pat Jnr one night about how he favored Pats brother and he tells Pat how sorry he is. Deep downPat Snr is very happy that his son is back living with them and healthy but has a hard time showing it. He wants to give Pat back all the years that he never spent with him when he was a child. Towards the end of the movie we see Pat Snr and Jnr's relationship develop from been distant to been very close.

3.2. Pat Senior and Dolores - Pat's mum and dad a times find it very hard to co operate with each other because of Pats OCD and their hardships with pats problems. Although after the dance session there was a distinct difference and change between his two parents. There were many emtions shared when pat and tiffany did the dance. The parents noticed a big change and leap in theri sons life.

3.3. Veronica and Ronnie have a very on and off relationship, or a love hate relationship. they argue very often and we see that Veronica almost controls Ronnie. their relationship does not work because they do not work well as a team. we see in a scene with Pat and Ronnie where Ronnie is telling pat how he loves to get angry and listen to heavy metal because it is an outlet when hi wife is angry at him and he cant handle things anymore. their relationship starts improving towards the end of the movie.

3.4. When Pat and Tiffany first meet each other, they think of each other as crazy people. They are both very similar and share a lot of qualities. As they get to know each other, Pat begins to get over Nikki (he's ex wife) who has struggles to let go of. Tiffany ends up liking Pat and tries everyone this become closer with him, Pat doesn't realize this until when he see's Nikki for the first time after being let out of the Mental home. Pat also realizes that he also has feelings for Tiffany and puts Nikki in the past.