e-tool plan

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e-tool plan by Mind Map: e-tool plan

1. Introduction:

1.1. -I used this program for a masters level course and enjoyed the ease of use and capabilities of displaying large amounts of information with minimal writing.

2. What is the tool?:

2.1. -web based mind mapping tool

3. Who would benefit from using it?:

3.1. -anyone that is able to understand mindmaps (not everyone is able to read them or understand them with ease)

3.2. -someone who needs a method of displaying complex or multifaceted information

3.3. -people who find writing long passages difficult

4. What level of technological proficiency is needed?:

4.1. -a low level of proficiency is needed.

4.2. -tutorials are provided to assist

5. What opportunities does it provide?:

5.1. -it allows students who have difficulty writing an opportunity to showcase large amounts of information

5.2. -differentiated assessment

5.3. -can add visuals and video links

6. Where and how is it accessed?:

6.1. -the program is web based

6.2. -it can be easily accessed through Chrome apps

7. Conclusion:

7.1. -Include junior level students to this program as a tool for them to use in all of their classes

8. What are the limitations:

8.1. -cost

8.2. -lack of creativity