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Display Social Feeds by Mind Map: Display Social Feeds

1. custom script

1.1. template designer (photoshop)

1.2. server

1.2.1. 1. get social feeds custom script based mostly on example code

1.2.2. 2. render slide custom script based on PSD manipulation library

1.2.3. 3. save slide in dropbox

1.3. media server

1.3.1. 1. connect dropbox slides directory

1.3.2. 2. present slideshow apple TV

1.4. editor

1.4.1. dropbox mobile client. preview slides and delete as needed

2. wordpress

2.1. server

2.1.1. get social feeds wp plugin twitter plugin custom configuration instagram plugin custom configuration

2.1.2. wordpress configure minimal wp theme create template presentation using essential grid / slider revolution plugins template designer must learn wp plugin interface in place of photoshop

2.2. media server

2.2.1. URL browser full screen

2.3. editor

2.3.1. wordpress admin. editor to moderate posts