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RTVC II Add Your Ideas For Planning by Mind Map: RTVC II Add Your Ideas For Planning
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RTVC II Add Your Ideas For Planning

What ideas could inspire our theme?


Best Collaboration Ideas

Virtual life

Trust and Collaboration

strategic approach to VC

Implementation Tasks

Event registration

Identify Lists of Invitees

Establish a Convening Question

Marketing the event

Place to post session topics

Hold sessions

Marketing Ideas/Priorities

central site for event

Channels for communication and promotion

messaging and copywriting (2 different things)

Tools (more a shopping list)




Skype chat



webex trial account

What questions do we need to answer

What instructions do people need to participate?

What did we learn from our first RTVC that is useful?

Who will we invite

What are you interested in working on?

What is the main reason we are doing this?

What is the value to those who attend?

Participants' needs and expectations

clear communications