CITS 222 Designing for a client

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CITS 222 Designing for a client by Mind Map: CITS 222 Designing for a client

1. Activities

1.1. i. Meet with client

1.2. ii. Determine scope

1.3. iii. Gather materials

1.4. iv. Begin draft

1.5. v. Write and collect content

1.6. vi. Prep graphics/check sources

1.7. vii. Upload to server and review with client

1.8. viii. Revamp materials/layout

1.9. ix. Perform final edits

1.10. x. Upload to live server/deliver & advertise

2. Objectives

2.1. Organizing materials

2.2. Asking questions

2.3. Interacting with others

3. Prerequisites

3.1. Reading assignment materials

3.2. Practicing HTML and CSS

3.3. Setting aside time to create draft(s)

3.4. Asking someone to serve as a client

4. Resources

4.1. Textbook, Course website

4.2. Instructor, Fellow students

4.3. Client, Internet

5. Assignments 50 total points over the whole semester

5.1. Brief write up of i-ii (10 points in Bb)

5.2. Bb discussion board post on v-vi progress (10 points)

5.3. Discussion board post/conversation with fellow students on vii-viii progress (5 points for post/5 points for feedback/discussion)

5.4. Replace "Splash & Dazzle" of the jQuery module with final of page(s) created plus write up (post mortem) of delivery to client (20 points in Bb)