personal growth

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personal growth by Mind Map: personal growth

1. action

1.1. daily routine

1.1.1. meditation this is how we will reprogram our subconcious this deepens our connection with source and self this is how we stay grounded

1.1.2. journaling this will provide you with a solid sense of contrast this allows you to review and monater your progress have a seprate journal for each activity your journaling about

1.1.3. visualize having a clear picture of what you want constantly add and adjust as needed this is the life blood of everything we work for. this is our drive, our fuel, our reason review daily enter state rituals

1.1.4. reading reading is the best way to gain knowledge learn photoreading the more i read the more i know

1.1.5. guitar make my own music self expression works out my creative habbits mastering this instrument leads to awesomeness

1.1.6. yoga yoga provides me a way to cleanse my body while practicing mindfullnes helps me stay young and healthy yoga allows me to be very flexible

1.2. task's

1.2.1. NLP

1.2.2. photoreading

1.2.3. Rosicrucian Order

1.3. diet

2. vision

2.1. alex 2.0

2.1.1. flexible

2.1.2. happy

2.1.3. able to help others

2.1.4. martial arts traning

2.1.5. control over body mind and sprit

2.1.6. dreads

2.2. Ascension

2.2.1. this page will be the spring board for the bungalo and everything it stands for. this is our connection to the world, much of our traning is provided here on this page

2.3. bungalo

2.3.1. this will also be a base of opperation for my work my work tee spring NPO/NGO still undecided name online marketing

2.3.2. this will be a temple for people retreat to, learn at. and undergo invaluable change

3. learn the "old ways"

3.1. Kriya Yoga

3.2. The Rosicrucian Order


3.3.1. ENERGY DEFENSE: the power pyramid step one set the base step two light the cord To build a powerful structure, you need a strong foundation.Find a quiet place. Sit in a chair or on the floor. If you are in a chair do not cross your legs and put your hands in your lap.CLOSE YOUR EYES. Focus on your body. Become aware of every part of your body.Take THREE deep breaths in and exhale. When you INHALE, feel yourself pulling energy into your body. Visualize, if you cannot feel, that every time you breathe your body starts to glow like a light bulb.With each breath you grow brighter… brighter… and brighter…