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Expert System by Mind Map: Expert System

1. Mining / Oil prospectiog

1.1. input

1.1.1. put in what the environment is like

1.2. process

1.2.1. looks through old histories and see where past mines were found

1.3. output

1.3.1. if there is a possibility of mines or not

2. engineering

2.1. input

2.1.1. the problems that the machine has

2.2. process

2.2.1. looks through a list of problems and find the similar one

2.3. output

2.3.1. what the problem is and how to fix it

3. The knowledge-based system that makes the use of human knowledge to solve problems.

3.1. Requirements

3.1.1. a large database

3.1.2. Search engine

3.1.3. Rules

4. medical diagnosis

4.1. input

4.1.1. symptoms

4.2. process

4.2.1. looks up the disease with similar symptoms

4.3. output

4.3.1. the name of the disease and it's treatment

5. Chess games

5.1. input

5.1.1. the movement of the player

5.2. process

5.2.1. goes through the system with several ways of reacting to different movements

5.3. output

5.3.1. finds the right movement and executes it on the game

6. Expert systems let you input and the computer looks through the system with the similar input and gives you the best answer or the explanation.