Man's Impact on the Environment: Human Activities

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Man's Impact on the Environment: Human Activities by Mind Map: Man's Impact on the Environment: Human Activities

1. Cattle farming

1.1. Methane released from flatulence (gas) of animals raised for their meat and leather

2. Agriculture

2.1. Contributing farming types

2.1.1. Arable

2.1.2. Pastoral

2.2. Cases of causes

2.2.1. Rice fields usage of tractors rapidly decaying materials Dead leaves Manure

2.3. Industrial

2.3.1. Manufacturing of goods and services requires burning fossil fuels for electricity to power the plants causing emission of greenhouse gases

3. Effects

3.1. Deforestation

3.1.1. Reasons Urban development Crops Growing grassland Wood usage fuel construction materials and pulp to make paper

3.1.2. Effects Soil Erosion Flooding Desertification: destruction of land leading to desert-like conditions Soil is directly exposed to the force of rain, No roots to bind to the soil Cause Effects Climate changes high concentrations of gases in atmosphere hydrological cycle

3.2. Over-fishing

3.2.1. Causes increase in demand for fish

3.2.2. Methods Drift nets Trawlers Dredges Cyanide fishing

3.2.3. Effects Fishes being caught more faster than they can be replaced. Young fishes (fries) caught will not be able to have a chance to grow and reproduce. Marine organisms unintentionally caught often do not survive. Populations of organisms will decrease and eventually some species may become endangered or even extinct.

3.3. Pollution: addition of pollutants to the environment that damages it, making it undesirable or unfit for life.

3.3.1. Types Water Sewage: water-carried waste matter from homes or industries. Inorganic wastes Insecticides

4. Examples

5. Reasons

5.1. For men's usage of natural resources

5.1.1. Renewable Air Water Soil Forests Wildlife

5.1.2. Non-renewable Fossil fuels

5.2. Human beings are continually using and depleting the Earth's natural resources, upsetting the balance of nature and causes lasting damage to the environment.