Man's conservation effort.

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Man's conservation effort. by Mind Map: Man's conservation  effort.

1. Some Action to Protect or Improve the Environment

2. controlling population

2.1. Use public transport wherever you can, or form a car pool for everyday travel.

2.1.1. Observe World Environment Day (5th June).

2.1.2. Send your waste oil, old batteries and used tyres to a garage for recycling or safe disposal; all these can cause serious pollution.

2.1.3. Use unleaded petrol and alternate sources of energy and keep the engine properly tuned and serviced and the tyres inflated to the right pressure, so that vehicle runs efficiently.

2.1.4. Walk or cycle wherever possible. Walking and cycling can help to keep you fit.

2.1.5. Don not burn any waste, especially plastics. The smoke may contain polluting gases.

2.1.6. Never dispose left over chemicals, oils, or other harmful substances down the drain, or dump them under the ground, or in water bodies or burn them in the garden. This causes pollution.

2.1.7. Avoid unnecessary packaging of products.

2.1.8. Compost heap or a compost bin can be used to recycle waste food and other biodegradable materials.

2.1.9. Plant more trees. They help in absorbing excess carbon dioxide.

2.1.10. Biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste material have to be disposed after separating them.

2.1.11. Avoid fast starts and sudden braking of automobiles.

3. reasons for conservation

3.1. To maintain biodiversity by preventing extinction: 1.maintenance of a large gene pool is important as many wild plants and animals posses favorable genes.By cross breeding we can improve agricultural produce. FOR EX. PLANTS WITH BETTER RESISTANCE TO DISEASES AND DROUGHT CAN BE PRODUCE BY CROSSING DOMESTIC SPECIES WITH WILD SPECIES.2.Many tropical plants are a source of medicinal drugs. FOR EX. QUININE ' AN ANTI-MALARIAL DRUG FROM THE BARK OF CINCHONA .

3.2. For economic purposes: 1. Marine life need to be conserved as they are humans main source of food. 2. Tropical rain forest food and raw materials. EX. RATTAN USED FOR MAKING FURNITURE AND FOOD LIKE BANANA PINEAPPLE

3.3. For scientific research, the study of wildlife provides useful information to humans.FOR EX. WE LEARN ABOUT EVOLUTION FROM STUDYING WILDLIFE

3.4. To maintain a stable and balanced ecosystem: it prevents disruption of natural cycles such a s carbon cycle and also prevent global warming.

3.5. To preserve natural scenery and wildfire for people to appreciate:FOR EX. NATURAL RESOURCES ENABLE OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES SUCH AS FISHING AND CAMPING.

4. Conservation measures

4.1. keeping the environment clean

4.2. managing the earths resources

4.2.1. conservation of fishing grounds

4.3. protecting wildlife

4.3.1. conservation of forest:Forest are humans major source of oxygen and also provides a habitats for man different species and lastly protection for the soil.Therefore we need to prevent tree felling. Government laws protect the remaining forests world wide, ensures that the trees felled for timber are cut down selectively and at a regulated rate.young trees are not felled and new seedling are planted to replace the felled trees. Government also designated lands ad forest reserve, laws that prohibit tree felling,and other human activity that might harm the environment.FOR EX. BUKIT TIMAH NATURE RESERVE IN SG PROVIDES A SAFE HOME FOR ANIMALS.The foresty departments in various countries look after the forest end enhance forest conversations laws. they check the trees regularly to control pesticides and insects.