Man's Conservation Efforts

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Man's Conservation Efforts by Mind Map: Man's Conservation Efforts

1. What is conservation?

1.1. protection and preservation of natural resources in the enviroment

1.2. necessary for the maintenance of biodiversity

1.2.1. the range of species that are present in a certain ecosystem

2. Why conservation?

2.1. prevents the extinction of animals and plants

2.1.1. cross-breeding improves agricultural produce

2.1.2. wider, more various species of plants and animals

2.2. for scientific research

2.3. for economical purposes

2.3.1. marine life must be conserved as it is a major source of food

2.3.2. tropical rainforests provide food such as bananas, rice and pineapples

2.3.3. tropical rainforests provide raw materials for industries

2.4. maintains a stable and balanced ecosystem

2.4.1. prevents disruption of natural cycles

2.5. preserves natural scenery and wildlife

2.5.1. enables outdoor recreational activites eg. camping!

3. How do we conserve?

3.1. keeping the enviroment clean

3.2. managing the use of natural resources

3.3. protecting wildlife

3.3.1. WWF

3.3.2. PETA

3.4. human population control

3.4.1. lower population = fewer resources required

4. Conservation of forests

4.1. what are forests?

4.1.1. carbon sinks

4.1.2. major source of oxygen

4.1.3. provide habitats for many different species of animals and plants

4.1.4. protection for soil

4.2. prevention of tree felling

4.2.1. indiscriminate cutting down of trees

4.3. reforestation

4.3.1. production of timber must be managed to conserve forests

4.3.2. to plant trees to replace the ones that have been cut down or destroyed

4.4. designated land as forests reserves

4.4.1. laws that prohibit human activities that destroy the ecosystem protect these reserves

4.4.2. bukit timah nature reserve in singapore provide a safe home for many types of wildlife

5. conservation of fishing grounds

5.1. must be protected to prevent :

5.1.1. over-fishing

5.1.2. indiscriminate fishing

5.2. banning the use of drift nets

5.3. regulating the entry of ships in fishing grounds

5.4. raising endangered species of fishes in hatcheries