Man's impact on the enviroment

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Man's impact on the enviroment by Mind Map: Man's impact on the enviroment

1. Overfishing

1.1. Definition

1.2. Items to be Delivered

1.3. Extent

1.3.1. Included

1.3.2. Included

1.3.3. Excluded

2. Pollution

2.1. Schedule

2.2. Budget

2.3. Resources

2.4. Delays

3. Deforestation

3.1. Soil Erosion. Trees protect topsoil from being runoff by water or wind. When trees are cleared by deforestation, the process of soil erosion is sped up and more soil is loss from water runoff and wind

3.1.1. Materials

3.1.2. Personel

3.1.3. Services

3.1.4. Duration

3.2. Biodiversity within Forest. Many species of organisms reside in forest. When forest are cleared , the natural habitats of these creatures are destroyed . this can lead to the rapid extiction of many forms of wildlife

3.3. Water Cycle

3.4. Climate change

4. Global Warming

4.1. 1. Define Project Schedule

4.1.1. Dependencies

4.1.2. Milestones

4.2. 2. Limitations

4.2.1. Schedule

4.2.2. Budget

4.3. 3. Define Project Development Measurement

4.3.1. KPI's