Lessons from eLearning Network Conference 5 March 2010 'Proven Recipes for eLearning Success'

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Lessons from eLearning Network Conference 5 March 2010 'Proven Recipes for eLearning Success' by Mind Map: Lessons from eLearning Network Conference 5 March 2010 'Proven Recipes for eLearning Success'

1. The Care Management Group 'Please Sir, May I Have Some More.......Awakening the Appetite for Learning at CMG' - Winner of Best eLearning Project Securing Widespread Adoption 2009

1.1. Worked with a development partner whose ethos was learning-driven, not technology-driven

1.2. Had senior-level buy-in

1.3. Audience were ready for the initiative - there was a genuine, recognised need

1.4. Considered the 'bigger picture' and aligned with other organisational initiatives

1.5. Spent a lot of time with stakeholders and end users defining the need

1.6. Followed an established and proven design process - Towards Maturity 6 Strands of Activity

1.7. Developed a really strong brand, great ongoing marketing

1.8. Engaged with learners' emotions

2. Army

2.1. Faster-better-cheaper > you can't have all three! Efficiency comes from better quality

2.2. Got to know target audience - sanity-checked ideas with them

2.2.1. Evaluation from the start of design and throughout the project

2.2.2. Understood barriers to audience studying maths e.g. stigma

2.3. Identified desired outcome, then selected technology and platform

2.4. Utilised learners' 'dead time' - made it an easier sell to stakeholders

3. Brightwave 'Designing eLearning for Impact' - Winner eLearning Development Company of the Year 2009

3.1. IMPACT = Interactive, Multimedia, Personalised, Actionable, Challenging, Timely

3.2. Used appropriate interactivity

3.3. Great relationship with clients - trusting Brightwave to design the best solution

3.4. Used a user-friendly LMS interface

3.5. Designs modelled real-world activities - learning in context

4. Department of Health eLearning for Healthcare 'eLearning Anaesthesia' - Winner Best Online or Distance Learning Project

4.1. Used proven technologies to minimise risk

4.2. Consistency of quality training

4.3. Easy to access material ideal for exam revision

4.4. Knowledge management - used existing resources

4.5. Robust content review process

4.5.1. Four stages during development

4.5.2. Periodic ongoing reviews by 'Review Board'

4.6. Huge amount of content, therefore well defined structure

4.6.1. Logical naming conventions

4.6.2. Can find content in the right context, not just search for it

5. BBC Academy 'Learning Design: a New Framework' - Winner Excellence in the Production of Learning Content - Public Sector

5.1. Thoroughly profiled 'tribes' i.e. different audiences within BBC

5.2. Engaged learners' emotions

5.2.1. Got them to care enough to learn

5.2.2. Developed 'Awareness + Resource' rather than courses

5.3. Senior level buy-in

5.4. Less 'teacherliness' more authenticty - real-world activities

5.5. 'Push' learning e.g. compliance - higher production values

5.6. 'Pull' learning e.g. quick reference and how-tos - lower production values