Dirty Little Secrets

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Dirty Little Secrets by Mind Map: Dirty Little Secrets

1. The Numbers Gap

1.1. Forgien Collage Grads From China Are Taking Many American Jobs.

1.2. American Collages Are Giving More Engeenering And Science Degrees To Foreign Students

2. The Education Gap At TheTop

2.1. The Baby Boomers Are Now Retiring.

2.1.1. New node

2.2. American Companies Hire Foreign People To Do There Jobs

3. The Ambition Gap

3.1. Many Americans Are MOre Worried About Being Socially Accepted Rather Then Providing A Living

4. The Education Gap At The Bottom

4.1. China And India Are Working Harder To Get Better Jobs.

4.1.1. Become More Economically Stable.

4.2. Teachers Are Not Pushing Kids Hard Enough.

4.2.1. In The End Kids Become More Lazy

5. The Funding Gap

5.1. Most of United States Funding Goes To Military

5.2. China Spends Most Of The Money On Schools For Engineering And Mathmatics.

6. The Infrastructure Gap

6.1. America Is Lacking In Technological Advances.

6.2. The Rest Of The World Is Further Technological

6.3. The Rest Of The World Has Better Using Computers.