Five Essential Elements

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Five Essential Elements by Mind Map: Five Essential Elements

1. Concepts

1.1. While exploring, students understand the concepts clearly

1.2. Concepts are ideas or theories which help students to know, understand and make connections to the prior experiences and relate to that knowledge

1.3. help teachers and students to engage themselves in an inquiry

1.4. key concepts are in the shape of open ended questions

1.5. These questions, give liberty to the teachers and students, leading to more questions and further investigation

2. Knowledge

2.1. not limited to simply gaining facts and skills, it is distributed into transdisciplinary themes to be exercised serving as a framework that is accessible and meaningful for students.

2.2. It lays importance to create cross-connections while integrating the process of learning resulting in a richer form of understanding to take place.

3. Action

3.1. Modeled by adults

3.2. Voluntary by students

3.3. Includes thoughts of responsibility and consequences by the student

3.4. Should always include students seeing the outcomes of their actions

4. Skills

4.1. plays an important role in developing students with tools of inquiry that will prepare them for lifelong learning

4.2. social, communication, thinking, research, and self-management skills are skills that will help students not only in the units of inquiry, but for any learning outside of the classroom.

5. Attitudes

5.1. helps mould a rounded personality

5.2. When consciously linked with education they would help nurture a human being who would appreciate the world around him with confidence

5.3. show respect and tolerance for others; building integrity and empathy that would lead him throughout his life