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Agroindustrialisation by Mind Map: Agroindustrialisation

1. Increased output

2. Eutrophication

3. increased productivity

4. small farmers overtaken (globalisation)

5. AI is the move from small farms to large scale production - Palm Oil, Quinoa, Rice

5.1. Palm Oil, cooking and Bio fuels, 80% grown in Malaysia - removal of forest to plant Palm, Indonesia and Borneo = monoculture - impacts on animal life.

6. 1st world = Low Prices

7. Developing world = High Prices

8. BioFuels = replacing Fossil fuels with 'grown' fuels. (mainly Diesel)

8.1. Less Carbon Emissions

8.2. Renewable + Sustainable

8.3. Replaces Food production = less food so price increases

8.4. soil is impacted by monoculture

9. Food miles = how far your food travels.

9.1. Seasonality no longer applies = cucumbers in New Zealand - buying in season and buying local

9.2. Trends = Rice in the Developed world. Increased Demand leads to less supply in the developing world. Quinoa = South American Grain.

10. Growth of GM Crops to supply markets

10.1. more disease resisitance

10.2. Monoculture and Patents

11. Solutions = eat local and eat seasonal farm organically