2005 Parameter

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2005 Parameter by Mind Map: 2005 Parameter

1. Background

2. Recommendations

2.1. Create and Maintain Relationships with Schools

2.2. Understand Local School Culture

2.2.1. School Admin Procedures

2.2.2. School Personnel

2.2.3. Sociocultural Milieu

2.3. Understand the Legal Rights of Students with Mental Disabilities

2.4. Understand Services and Supports for Students with Psychiatric Disorders

2.4.1. IDEA Disability Categories

2.4.2. Components of SPED Eval

2.4.3. Conflict Resolution Options

2.4.4. Behavioral Interventions for Disruptive Behaviors

2.4.5. Services and Supports for ADHD

2.5. Comprehensive Student Evaluation

2.5.1. Barriers to Learning

2.5.2. Comprehensive Treatment Planning Clinical School Home Community

2.6. Conduct School-Wide MH Needs Assessment

2.7. Advise School Professionals on Appropriate Use of Rating Scales

2.8. Collaborate with School Professionals to Develop Programming

2.8.1. Universal Prevention

2.8.2. Indicated Prevention

2.8.3. Treatment Programs

2.8.4. Crisis Intervention