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History by Mind Map: History

1. Source 9

1.1. What is 'Pulau Ujong'?

1.1.1. An island

1.1.2. End of Peninsula

1.1.3. Big population

1.2. -Where is ‘Pulau Ujong’?

1.2.1. Ptolemy’s map

1.2.2. of peninsula

1.3. When was the map being drawn?

1.3.1. around 150

1.4. -How could it have been drawn?

1.4.1. sailors and traders’ information.

1.5. What was singapores situation when the sailors and traders came?

1.5.1. knew it's a trading port

1.6. Who drew it?

1.6.1. written by ptolemy

1.6.2. of Alexandria.

1.6.3. Sailors and traders infomation

2. Source 11:

2.1. Who could be the owner of this armlet?

2.1.1. belongs to a Hindu. rich trader From a Hindu Country

2.1.2. could be rich traces

2.2. Who is Kala?

2.2.1. A Hindu god

2.3. Who brought it here?

2.3.1. rich people bought by a Hindu

3. Source 12:

3.1. Who used these coins?

3.1.1. The Chinese Tradings when travelling

3.2. Where were these coins from?

3.2.1. People from China

3.3. What was the condiction of the coins when its found

3.3.1. Partial or whole. remains,traces

3.4. What can be the coins used for?

3.4.1. Tradings

4. Source 8

4.1. Why did the last ruler fled to melaka?

4.1.1. being attacked wanted to live found Temasek

4.2. What did the sejarah melayu tells?

4.2.1. Sri tri buana

4.2.2. Was buried in a hill

4.3. Why did Sri Tri Buana gave a city at Temasek a name called Singapura?

4.3.1. named from a cat trading port

5. Source 4

5.1. What was the population?

5.1.1. less than one hundred small village

5.2. Why were the houses build at the mouth of the river?

5.2.1. Orang Laut fishing in their lives

5.3. What was the peoples profession?

5.3.1. fishing live near the river

5.4. Why the temenggongs’s house is the only biggest house?

5.4.1. the village chief

5.5. Sir Stamford Raffles

5.5.1. came before 1819

6. Source 5

6.1. When did he send the letter?

6.1.1. January 31st,1819.

6.2. To whom did he send the later to?

6.2.1. Mr William Marsden

6.3. -Why did he inspire to trace the old city and it’s defences?

6.3.1. seen the remainings of the wall defence towards the city Seen by Sir Stamford Raffles

6.4. How did Sir Stamford Raffles know that the place he was staying was singapore?

6.4.1. Inspiring classic city busiest trading port

7. Source 6

7.1. Why were some composed of baked brick of good quality?

7.1.1. Not enough money

7.1.2. To buy good quality bricks

7.2. Why did only the foundation was build by good quality bricks?

7.2.1. a strong bottom firm the building

7.3. What were they used for?

7.3.1. Building of walls Protection

8. Source 7

8.1. -Why are the inhabitants addicted to piracy?

8.1.1. always on sea

8.2. What can be the inhabitants job be

8.2.1. rob other ships Why they rob other ships? goods,intension

8.2.2. travelling on sea Why were they travelling on sea? travel to places

8.3. What was the hill for?

8.3.1. people living there resemble a coil